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Welcome to Grain and Grape

CBIA Craft Brewers Conference - we'll be there on 20th and 21st May.  See you there!
We're a homebrew and winemaking business in Yarraville in Melbourne. We specialize in all grain brewing homebrewing but also cater to brewers and winemakers from beginners to experts. We ship Australia wide and Internationally. 
We also supply Craft Breweries with Wyeast liquid yeast cultures & Speidel 500 and 200 litre Braumeisters, tanks and a range of general brewing products.

We have 11 varieties of small batch fresh wort kits produced on the 500 litre Braumeister at G&G. Above is a photo of Chris removing the malt pipe after sparging. The unit has a kettle volume of 930 litres and makes 850 to 900 litres of wort per batch.

Our latest variety is a Saison based on a recipe by our old friend and colleague and now brewer at Red Hill Brewery - Simon Haylock. It's a Saison made with Pilsner malt and a small amount of Wheat malt. Bittering hops are Northern Brewer with a large dose of Styrian Goldings to finish. A fruity, dry, well hopped thirst quenching beer. OG of 1.066 and 30 IBU’s with no dilution. With 3 litres of water added it is 1.056 at 25.5 IBU. Use Wyeast French or Belgian Saison or Danstar Belle Saison dry yeast.

Prior to that was "Mosey on Brown" - 17 litres. 1.050 OG approx with 3 litres of water added for a total of 20 litres. IBU 43.

An American Ambery Brown. The recipe came from an in house Grain & Grape competition that resulted in a tie between Sam and Pete.Has a lovely malty profile with firm bitterness. Use Wyeast 1272 or Danstar BRY-97.

You can see all the kits and descriptions here.




Since 2000 we have run twice monthly all grain brewing demonstrations in the shop usually on the second and last Saturday of the month. They are aimed at the first time all grain brewer although brewers of all levels of experience are welcome and will benefit. They commence at 9.00am and finish at 12.30pm. They are free and there is no need to book. They are informal and there is no need to be there for the entire morning. You can drop in for 30 minutes at any stage and take a peek. We always have beers on for tasting during demos.

Upcoming demos:

30th May - Geoff & Dan doing Brew in a Bag

13th June -  Brendan doing Braumeister and Gravity

“A great opportunity to see the world’s best brewing systems in one place.”

System Wars lands at Two Birds Brewing, home of 2014 Champion Specialty Beer, Taco Beer.

In true game show style and with nerves a-tingling, six of Australia and New Zealand’s best craft and home brewers will spin the Wheel of Beer to select from six grain bills and then six hop packs. What will they brew?

Two Birds will brew a limited edition Fresh Wort Kit.

Bar and brewing from 10am. Food from Midday.

Entry includes a pot of Two Birds Beer and a $10 Grain & Grape Gift Voucher.

Book your tickets here.

Speidel have launched a new Controller for the Braumeister along with some further improvements.

In November, John attended Brau Beville in Nuremberg where Speidel presented a new 10l Braumeister model and the upgraded 20l and 50l models.

The new Controller will initially have a memory function for several different mashing profiles and a screen which will allow for the user to see the full recipe and easily change it.

The network functionalities will not be ready with the launch of the new model as Speidel is still developing the client software. They expect it to be available in about March. Speidel have many plans for the future and the new controller will allow these improvements to be implemented remotely.

The 10 litre version will also be available in March we believe.


Ben and Geoff brew with the G&G 2Pot Screamer, a 4-Ring Gas Burner and a Mash-Recirculating system here.


In our never ending quest for more efficient wort kit production on our 500 litre Braumeisters we have come up with a method for dramatically improving the productivity of all Braumeisters. The secret is in the fact that the kettle on all Braumeisters is much larger than the nominal capacity. ie. the 20 litre Braumeister kettle is about 43 litres allowing a boil of almost 40 litres. The second amazing innovation is sparging. While as Speidel say, sparging is not essential, a large amount of high quality wort is trapped in the grain in the malt pipe if no sparge or minimal sparging is used. Sparging with 2.5 litre per Kg will liberate a phenomenal amount of wort. By using the double mash method and sparging effectively, you can achieve a much higher gravity and almost double the volume. The Braumeisters incredibly efficient recirculating mashing system does the rest of the work. All for about 2 hours more time. You can see our facebook photo gallery on the double mashing method here.