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Welcome to Grain and Grape

We're a homebrew and winemaking business in Yarraville in Melbourne and have been operating for 25 years. We specialize in all grain brewing homebrewing but also cater to brewers and winemakers from beginners to experts. We ship Australia wide and Internationally.

We also supply Craft Breweries with Wyeast liquid yeast cultures & Speidel 500 and 200 litre Braumeisters, tanks, crown seals and a range of general brewing products.

Upcoming demos:

11th June - Hendo & Chris brewing the DogCult Balsamic Blueberry Belgian Red Ale Fresh Wort kit designed with Brew Dog at Good Beer Week Homebrew 101 event on 500 litre Braumeister (plus 20 litre Braumeister demo)

Wheels were spinning and Two Birds Brewing was pumping and heaving with brewers hard at work at System Wars 2016.

Speidel's new 2016 full product catalogue is out. At 48 pages long, it's beautifully designed and packed with everything Speidel has to offer to both home and professional brewers.

Judging for System Wars: The Wheel of Beer was held at the shop on Saturday 25th July. Six brewers - home, craft and pro - spun the Wheel of Beer to determine what they would brew between six grain bills and six hop packs at Two Birds during Good Beer Week.

John and Simon attended the 3rd Annual CBIA Conference at the Melbourne Convention Centre during Good Beer Week to show off the 200 an 500 litre Braumeister along with the new Speidel Tanks and our Heat Exchangers
The wheel of beer at Two Birds was a sellout and a great day.
Six brewers - home, craft and pro - spun the Wheel of Beer to
determine what they would brew.
Grain and Grape has teamed with David Neitz, Mick Jontef, Barney Matthews and Ian Davis of Brewmanity to produce a pilot batch of Brewmanity Pale Ale to raise funds for the Cure for MND Foundation.

We have 11 varieties of small batch fresh wort kits produced on the 500 litre Braumeister at G&G. Above is a photo of Chris removing the malt pipe after sparging. The unit has a kettle volume of 930 litres and makes 850 to 900 litres of wort per batch.

John attended Brau Bevialle in Nuremberg where Speidel presented a new 10l Braumeister model and the upgraded 20l and 50l models.

Ben and Geoff brew with the G&G 2Pot Screamer, a 4-Ring Gas Burner and a Mash-Recirculating system here.


In our never ending quest for more efficient wort kit production on our 500 litre Braumeisters we have come up with a method for dramatically improving the productivity of all Braumeisters. The secret is in the fact that the kettle on all Braumeisters is much larger than the nominal capacity.

Make your own tasty cheese at home! Guys and girls that make beer are often into other kinds of fermentation such as making cheese.
These cheese kits make great presents as we found out when staff at the shop bought some as Christmas presents.