System Wars 2017

Grain and Grape System Wars:
Six Birds Brewing at Two Birds Brewing

See two teams of pro and home brewers spin the Wheel of Beer to decide which Single Malt and Single Hop beer they each will brew on a selection of single-vessel brewing systems. With Jayne Lewis hosting, Alana from Mountain Goat, Alli from White Rabbit and homebrewer Ruth Barry will battle it out with Mia from Kettle Green, Annabel from Himmel Hund and homebrewer Helen Hewson.
Witness brew systems from Speidel, Keg King and Grain and Grape and taste beers from TwoBirds, Himmel Hund, Little Creatures Mountain Goat and Kettle Green. 
This year System Wars proves that you don't need a cardigan and a comb-over to make great beer at home.
Sunday 14 May, 11am-4pm. Tickets: $25. Includes admission, $10 G&G gift voucher and a pot of Two Birds Beer on entry.
See female teams of Pro & Home Brewers spin the Wheel of Beer to decide which SMASH beer they’ll brew. Features brewers from Mountain Goat, Little Creatures, Himmel Hund & Kettle Green.

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