Weekly Demonstrations

27th May - Dan Walker will discuss adjuncts and brew on a BIAB System

Adjuncts in brewing get a bad rap - In the minds of "good" beer aficionados, they're often unshakably connected to industrial lager. But of course, that's not how it works. Just like everything else in brewing, adjuncts have been used for thousands of years and are an integral part of many traditional and wonderful beers.

This demo Dan will brew a seasonally inappropriate Cream Ale and show you how a Cereal Mash works in the BIAB continuum. We'll have a discussion about all things adjunct and why you might want to include a range of non-malt extract sources in your brewing armoury.

Dan'll try to keep his mega brewer instincts under control and refrain from putting cane sugar in every beer he sees (no promises) - but yes, we'll even talk about sucrose and why it can be a good thing for your beer.