Weekly Demonstrations

1st April Paul - Hops – Fad or a necessary part of Brewing. Braumeister demo. 

Paul (Riggers) will go through the whole gamut of hops. From cultivation, processing, storage and most importantly usage.

Find out why certain beer styles are highly hopped and others are lowly hopped, how much hopping is enough? How much is too much?

Hop to see you there!

8th April - Ben - Hops and the New England IPA. BIAB demo.

Ben will brew a NEIPA on the back of his home success with it. He will talk about the dry hopping regime, touch on the basics of biotransformation as he understands it and then brew one that we will have on tap in store to keep getting people excited about brewing them.

15th April. Easter - no demo.

22nd April - Geoff Two RoboBrews. No Boil Hops.

A well-known craft brewer who we cannot name for legal reasons reckons that Fremantle-based Little Creatures make their crowd favourite Pale Ale with a twenty minute mash, a twenty minute boil and all of the hops into the whirlpool after the boil.

In this demo, Geoff will be using that nugget of information to brew what might be a clone of Little Creatures Pale Ale on the Keg King RoboBrew systems - one as a recirculating mash tun and one as a kettle. He will be adding all of the hops he is going to use after the boil, either into the whirlpool or the No Chill Cube (depending on how he feels) and demonstrating the manifest beauty of this brewing technique.