Weekly Demonstrations

19th August - Geoff Brewing a Viennese India Pale Ale on two Keg King RoboBrews.

This Saturday, Geoff will be using a Keg King Robobrew with pump to mash and sparge a whole lotta Vienna malt and a Keg King Robobrew without pump plus a sensible quantity of hops to turn it all into a wort ready for fermenting.

VIPAs aren't a thing. But they could be if Geoff's latest hair-brained idea works out.

Either way, this will be a great opportunity to see two flavours of Robobrew in action and Geoff make a fool of himself.

26th August - Paul will produce a Best Bitter using Partigyle on the Braumeister.

We will serve the beer at a later date with a full demonstration of the use of a hand pump.