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Welcome to Grain and Grape

We're a brewing and winemaking supply business in Yarraville in Melbourne and have been operating for over 25 years. We specialize in all grain brewing homebrewing but cater to brewers and winemakers from beginners to experts. Education and customer service are vital components of the business. We run weekly brewing demonstrations, spend heaps of time face to face with brewers, are involved in events and organizations such as the Australian National Homebrewing Conference and Homebrew 101 during Good Beer Week and the Independent Brewers Association and their Craft Beer Industry Association Conference.

We supply Craft Breweries with complete systems based around Speidel 500 and 200 litre Braumeisters, tanks, heat exchangers, Sommer Mills in addition to Wyeast and White Labs liquid yeast cultures, crown seals and a range of general brewing products.

Wineries and small commercial cider producers can be supplied with Speidel Apple mills, hydro presses and a range of tanks.

Our Carnival of the Brew event was our biggest and by far the best attended with over 120 people in the warehouse watching 16 beers being made at the same time.

We run a weekly free brewing demonstration. No bookings required. Questions encouraged.

8th September Boza: The Old and The New

15th September MPA

22nd September Your First Brew - The Stage Show

We are seriously happy with our part in helping the Copperhead Restaurant and Brewery getting up and running. Owner Jason Cox chose a 200L Braumeister, Speidel tanks and complete system supplied by us.

He came here to the shop for a training session on our 500L Braumeister just before he opened up. Check out a recent article here.

When chilling using the Braumeister Plus remember to connect the Cooling water in from the bottom and out from the top. This reduces cooling time by over 50%.

Also, as with any cooling system, a two stage cooling procedure is much more efficient than a single stage one, especially if ground water is warmer than desired fermentation temperature.

We're not sure if it was the One Day Sale, the last minute rush to lodge entries for the Westgate Brewers' Stout Extravaganza or the official SystemWars Beer Tasting, but this Saturday the shop was chocka-block full of people.

You can buy one here.

Some nice images and some info on the new model Braumeister:

We are stoked to have Ruth Barry as a member of our Grain & Grape demo team. Ruth was recently featured in an article for La Trobe University:

On Tasting at the shop now:

Bens Demo Czech Pils – Wyeast 2278
Yarraville Pale FWK – Safale US-05
Mangrove Jacks Ginger Beer – Safale US-05
Chris’s British Pale FWK – Wyeast 1084
Ben’s Demo 7th July 2018 - Cal Common – Wyeast 2112
Beliner Weisse FWK infused with Amoretti PassionFruit – Safale US-05


We often make more than 1000 litres of wort with our 500L model at the shop.

You could stick to one mash and make 1000 litres or do two mashes to get out 2000+ litres. It has a kettle capacity of 1700L so you would make 1500 or 1600 litres of concentrated wort and dilute back to your target gravity to 2000 or more litres. Awesome!

We’re thrilled to be named Beer and Brewer 2018 Best Homebrew Shop!
From Beer & Brewer:

Stefan Speidel was in Australia during Good Beer Week and was able to spend some time at the shop with us.


Oscar recently planned and painted a mural on the wall above the stairs in the shop. Next time you are at the counter it will be right there in front of you to enjoy.