1000L Braumeister launched!

For those who want to brew even more beer, this model is just right. Even with a 1000-litre batch, the brewing process remains as simple as with its little brother. The fully automatic brewing control takes over the brewing of individually set recipes and runs through all brewing phases, the multi-step mash with precise timing and temperature. Brewing, lautering, hop boiling, whirlpool and cooling are all carried out in one tank. Due to the easy to operate crane with a winch, even the large malt tube can be easily lifted out. The Braumeister can be fixed with adjustable feet, but remains freely movable if required due to its wheels. Despite the impressive volume, even the biggest Braumeister remains a compact brewing system.

Most importantly, just like its little 200/500 brothers, it has a massive kettle size with a total kettle volume of just over 1700 Litres.  This means we expect single mash brew lengths to be 1000 to ~1350L and with a double mash and single boil up to around 1650 Litres should be possible. We will know exactly, when we have done the first brew in Australia on one by the end of December, so stay tuned!

See more info here.