All-Grain Recipe: Chris's British Ale

Chris’s British Ale

A Pale Ale brewed in the classic British style. It is malty with firm bitterness at the same time making it nicely balanced. It has been bittered using Warrior hops, and generous amounts of Fuggles, East Kent Goldings and Willamette have been added for flavour and aroma.

Expected OG: 1.059
Expected Bitterness: 40 IBU
Expected Colour: 20 EBC
Assumed System Efficiency (post-boil): 70%

If you add 3 litres water to the fermenter or use a bigger cube, you should see OG 1.051 and 35IBU.


Australian Pilsner Malt – 2.44kg (4511%)
Australian Pale Malt – 2.44kg (45.1%)
Light Crystal Malt – 0.27kg (4.9%)
Medium Crystal Malt – 0.27kg (4.9%)

Mash Schedule

Heat 33 litres water to 68 degrees Celsius.
Dissolve 5.3g Calcium Sulphate, 1.0g Calcium Chloride, 1.7g Calcium Carbonate and 2.3g Magnesium Sulphate.
Mash at 66 degrees Celsius for 60 minutes followed by a stirred ramp to 77 degrees Celsius.


60 minutes


Warrior (15.4%) - 14g @ 60min (28.2 IBU)
Fuggles (10.4%) - 12g @ 2min (3.0IBU)
EK Goldings (12.3%) - 12g @ 2min (3.5IBU)
Willamette (6.3%) - 2.5g @ 2min (0.4IBU)


Kettle Finings: One half tablet Whirlfloc or 2.5g BrewBrite, 10 mins from end of boil
Yeast Nutrient: 1tsp, 10 mins from end of boil


Pitch a good, healthy quantity of English Ale Yeast, eg: Fermentis S-04, Danstar Nottingham or Wyeast 1098. Ferment at 18-20 degrees Celsius and expect an FG of approximately 1.012