All-Grain Recipe: Session IPA

Session IPA

A Session IPA made with 100% Vienna malt. Late hopped with Citra, Galaxy and Amarillo. Not too strong, a good malt backbone and plenty of hop flavour.

Assumed System Efficiency (post boil): 70%

Expected OG: 1.045
Expected Bitterness: 45 IBU
Expected Colour: 10 EBC

If you add 3 litres water to the fermenter or use a bigger cube, you should see OG 1.039 and 39IBU.


Australian Vienna Malt – 4.25kg (100%)

Mash Schedule

Heat 33 litres water to 68 degrees Celsius.
Dissolve 0.8g Calcium Sulphate and 0.8g Calcium Chloride.
Mash at 66 degrees Celsius for 60 minutes followed by a stirred ramp to 77 degrees Celsius.


60 minutes


Citra (13.5%) - 23g @ End of Boil (14.9IBU, based on 1.15g/L)
Galaxy (13.6%) - 23g @ End of Boil (15.1IBU, based on 1.15g/L)
Amarillo (8.4%) - 23g @ End of Boil (9.3IBU, based on 1.15g/L)


Kettle Finings: One half tablet Whirlfloc or 2.5g BrewBrite, 10 mins from end of boil
Yeast Nutrient: 1tsp, 10 mins from end of boil


Pitch a good, healthy quantity of American Ale Yeast, eg: Wyeast 1056 (or 1272!), Fermentis US-05 or Danstar BRY-97. Ferment at 18-20 degrees Celsius and expect an FG of approximately 1.009