Bitterness Calculator

The Grain and Grape Hop Calculator  

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To find the correct weight of hops to use for your brew:
Select either pellets or cones then be sure that all of the boxes have the right information for your brew. Litres of water is the amount you expect to end up with at the end of the boil. You only need to change the "Gravity of Wort" box if the gravity of your beer is going to have a specific gravity of 1050 or more during the boil. If it will be less that 1050, have the box show "1050". Just click on "Press to Calculate" and that's it.

For further information relevant to using this calculator, see our article on hop bitterness calculations. If you have any questions or troubles with the calculator please e-mail us.

Flavour Hop Calculator  
Use this calculator to check the IBU that your flavour hop additions will contribute. Add the IBU that each addition will give. Next work out the weight required for the bitterness addition with the top calculator.