We’re proud distributors of German made Speidel Braumeister products including the original and the best automated brewing system on the market. From the tiny ten litre to full Pro size 1000 litre units, they are the ultimate in German Brewing Engineering.

BRAUMEISTER 10, 20 & 50L

The Braumeister is the ultimate automated brewing system. For simplicity, ease of use and ease of cleaning it can't be beaten. Brew in your kitchen and remain popular! . A 5 step fully automated control system makes brewing a breeze. Ideal for the brewer with space and time considerations. We love it!

Available in Plus form, including an integrated cooling jacket a dump valve or Original format.



BRAUMEISTER 200, 500, 1000L

The 200, 500 and 1000 litre system is ideal for a bar or cafe or a small production brewery. Wheels, a hoist, compact, automated, jacketed for cooling and with a whirlpool operation, this is the ultimate small commercial brewing system. We love it!

To investigate your new Braumeister based Pro system in depth, head to our pro section.