Braumeister Double Mashing

In our never ending quest for more efficient wort kit production on our 500 litre Braumeisters we have come up with a method for dramatically improving the productivity of all Braumeisters. The secret is in the fact that the kettle on all Braumeisters is much larger than the nominal capacity. ie. the 20 litre Braumeister kettle is about 43 litres allowing a boil of almost 40 litres. The second amazing innovation is sparging. While as Speidel say, sparging is not essential, a large amount of high quality wort is trapped in the grain in the malt pipe if no sparge or minimal sparging is used. Sparging with 2.5 litre per Kg will liberate a phenomenal amount of wort. By using the double mash method and sparging effectively, you can achieve a much higher gravity and almost double the volume. The Braumeisters incredibly efficient recirculating mashing system does the rest of the work. All for about 2 hours more time. You can see our facebook photo gallery on the double mashing method here.