Brewery Case Studies

This page provides you with more details about some of our customers that have built their own brewery using the Braumeister system. There’s links to these customers and if you contact us we would be happy to introduce you to the owner and brewer. See also the customer map for all our Braumeister commercial breweries.

Inner North Brewing Co, Brunswick Vic - Brewery Tap House

If you hop off the train at Brunswick Station, after a short walk you’ll find the Inner North Brewing Company, opened in February 2018 by Zack Skerritt.

This is what Zack’s customers are saying:

“Great brewery hidden away in Brunswick. Lovely selection of well crafted ales served in a great welcoming space.” Angela Smiley

“If you are into discovering Melbourne’s hidden gems then you should check this one out. This brewery is located right off Victoria St, perfectly reachable by public transport (just around the corner from Brunswick Station).

The atmosphere is amazing: friendly staff, great tunes, and of course amazing beer that is brewed on-site!”  Juandalf D’Gray

“This bloke knows how to make a beer! Cool new space in a fun little pocket of Brunswick. Will be back with friends!!” Guy Tancock

Zack transformed a vacant factory space close to Brunswick railway station into a vibrant brewery tap house.


Zac chose the following equipment supplied by Grain and Grape:

Braumeister 500 brewhouse, brewing typically 550L batches.
Grain and Grape 900L 10.7Kw electric hot liquor tank
2 X Speidel 625L pressure uni tanks

Sondex wort heat exchanger, Grain and Grape wort oxygenation system and hose set.
Lowara multi purpose portable CIP pump.
Kreyer Chilly 45 Glycol Chiller.
Kreyer Fermflex tank controllers.


Total investment in the brewery equipment was around $95k bring the total costs to set up the brewery around double this.

Brewery Capacity & Potential Revenue:

Capacity at start up was around 8 x 50L kegs per week providing a maximum potential revenue of around $7000 per week (assuming 2.5 weeks tank time and $900 revenue per keg).

Zac has since added two additional tanks.

Brewhouse Area and Setup:

The brewhouse space is approximately 40 SqM. As well as the Braumeister, tanks and HLT also included in this space is a waste water setting tank (to allow water water to cool, sediment to settle out and pH to be checked prior to discharge to the sewer).

The Kreyer Glycol Chiller is located on a platform between the brewery area and coolroom.

Build and Operations:

With help from family, friends and some tradies the transformation of the vacant space has been  dramatic. He did much of the work himself. Zack has since expanded brewhouse capacity with additional single and double batch unitanks. Has also installed a large Coolroom to ensure plenty of space for conditioning kegs.

Zack makes a great variety of very well brewed beers using his Braumeister 500 plus some one-off kegs with his Braumeister 50.

Zack has a very loyal following with locals and many beer enthusiasts!


Copperhead Brewery Restaurant, Cooroy QLD - Restaurant Brewery

See a review just after Copperhead opened here:

“A Seriously Stunning Brewery Has Just Opened On The Sunshine Coast”

With a background as a chef, Jason Cox knew how to setup and run a restaurant. But he had not made beer before. So Jason spent some time at Grain and Grape learning about the Braumeister,
 then ordered a complete craft brewing kit from Grain and Grape comprising a Braumeister 200, Sommer Maltman 110 grain mill, 3 X 330 fermenters, a 625L pressure unitank all temperature controlled with a Kreyer Chilly glycol chiller. He set it all up in a compact space inside this amazing brewery restaurant.

Jason has since employed a brewer who does several brews per week to keep up with demand for their wide variety of beers.

Davey the brewer likes to do a 300 Litre brew using the ‘double mash’ method - that is 2 sequential grain mashes followed by a single full wort boil to achieve 300 Litres of finished wort. This means he can fill up all fermenters thus maximising the use of limited brewery space.

Wort is cooled using the wall mounted Sondex heat exchanger (blue item on the wall) and all tanks are jacketed and temperature controlled using a Kreyer glycol chiller (in far corner next to window) and Kreyer Fermflex tank controllers.

Beer is either kegged ready carbonated directly from the Speidel 625L unitank, or force carbonated once kegged from the smaller 330L dished fermenters.

Fermented but un-carbonated beer can also be transferred from the 330L fermenters into the 625L unitank for carbonation, thus utilising the 625L unitank as a ‘brite’ tank.

By spending less with the smaller Braumeister 200 Jason has carefully managed capital investment to ensure enough funds were left over to build a great restaurant with full kitchen facilities. Since opening, Copperhead have added 2 additional double batch Speidel 625L unitanks and brew more often as the business grows.

If you’re looking at opening a Brewery Restaurant or Brewpub we would highly recommend a visit to Copperhead as it really is so well done thanks to the hard work of Jason and Sharon Cox and their team!


Shepparton Brewery - Brewpub

OK this is how to do a brewpub! Experienced in many things food and hospitality, owners Daina Winch and Matt Milsome have built a beautiful brewpub in the heart of Shepparton at 15 Edwards Street. 

Photos here and on their Facebook page at show how with the help of many local tradies and some very talented local artists they’ve converted an empty warehouse space into one of the best venues in Shepparton.

Hospitality space has been maximised by locating the very compact Braumeister 500 brewing area at the rear. Four Speidel 625L unitanks are located against the side wall thus allowing extra space for brewery capacity expansion for future additional tanks.



Speidel Braumeister 500 brewhouse
Sommer Maltman 110 grain mill with large hopper and stand
Sondex wort heat exchanger

* 4 X Speidel 625L pressure unitank fermenters

* Kreyer ChillyMax 110 glycol chiller.

Kreyer Fermflex tank controllers
Grain and Grape Keg filling system

The Braumeister 500 heats its own mash water. Additional hot water for sparging is provided by an instantaneous gas hot water service, so eliminating the need for a hot liquor tank. The space that is saved can be used for additional fermentation tanks.


Total investment in the complete brewery kit from Grain and Grape was around $130k, plus the building and kitchen fit out costs.

Brewery Capacity & Potential Revenue:

Capacity at start up was around 16 x 50L kegs per week providing maximum potential revenue of around $14,000 per week (assuming 2.5 weeks tank time and $900 revenue per keg and 100% utilisation).

Brewhouse Area and Setup:

The brewery area is approximately 40 SqM and has ample space allocated for additional fermentation tanks to be added as well as a future potential hot liquor tank (which can capture warm water from the Sondex Wort heat exchanger to be used in the next brew -great for double brew days as it saves water and power!)

IronBark Hill Brewhouse - Brewpub / Production Brewery:

IronBark Hill Brewhouse is located in Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley with Peter Drayton Wines. Andrew Drayton has built up the largest Braumeister-based brewery in Australia with a Braumeister 200 I plus 500!

IronBark Hill started with a Braumeister 200 and several single batch unitanks but very quickly  realised with the high demand, more capacity was required, so added a complete Braumeister 500 system as well!

This means they have the capability for small special lower volume batches plus significant capacity with the 500 to produce larger quantities of beer for onsite sales as well as canning for offsite sales.

A purpose built new building was constructed for the brewery allowing for significant extra space for additional double batch tanks which have since been added.


 Braumeister 200
 3 X Speidel 240L pressure unitanks
 Speidel 330L non pressure fermenter
 Braumeister 500
 6 X Speidel 625L pressure unitanks
 Grain Mill - Wolf Milling Wolf Cub mill (made in Melbourne)
 Sondex wort heat exchanger
 Lowara multi purpose portable CIP / transfer pump.
 Grain and Grape Keg filling system

IronBark Hill have recently invested in a canning line allowing them to more easily package full batches of beer onsite.

As well as being a production brewery, IronBark Hill offers full hospitality with great food and an amazing space for special events and weddings.

Andrew is brewing some really great beers!  As well as a great American Pale Ale’s some popular specials include a Black Forrest Stout with delicious cherries and dark chocolate added to all English hops, Australian Ale malt and roasted barley.



Pomonal Estate - Nano Brewery:

A Winery, Microbrewery & Cider House In the Picturesque Village of Pomonal, Victoria

If you’re visiting the Grampians area, make sure you drop into Pomonal Estate. As well as boutique wines and cider Pomonal also make great beer.

Customer reviews:

“This is a great find just off the road and serving up awesome beers, cider, wine and grazing plates. The beers and cider are made on site and food while simple is excellent. Value for money is great here too” Duncan King

“I highly recommend Pomonal Estate. We spent an afternoon their enjoying the beer paddle, and amazing platter of cheeses. Adam and Pep were highly attentive and were genuinely lovely people. We look forward to seeing their products grow!” Clare Ballard

“Exquisite views. Incredible beer and cidar tasting paddle which made it hard to pick a favourite! The cheese platter was delicious and sourced locally which was a beautiful touch. Outstanding customer service to match the stunning, clean, open plan restaurant and bar.” Andre Barr

Pomonal has 2.5 acres of Shiraz and Riesling planted august 2016 with local wine makers producing wines.

The new cellar door can hold functions for 100 people and has spectacular views of the Grampians national park.

Adam at Pomonal brews every week using a Braumeister 50 with 60L plastic fermenters. Single 50L keg batches allows the production of a wide variety of beers styles and some great one-off batches.

The total investment in Brewing equipment (Braumeister 50, 3 X Plastic fermenters, wort oxygenation, beer carbonation and some kegs) was around $7,000.

Beers are cold conditioned and carbonated in the coolroom after fermentation.

( An all-stainless steel setup is an alternative for this sized brewery and would have cost a total of $10,800 with 2 X Speidel conical jacketed fermenters and a 0.7Kw glycol chiller to control fermentation temperatures. This is the setup at a similar sized brewery at the Air Raid Tavern, Moruya, photo left).

At Pomonal, beer is served by the glass in their lovely purpose-built tasting room / cafe. Even though the brewery equipment is the same size and (relatively low cost) as many homebrewers, a professional hospitality venue is be supported with many happy customers enjoying the beer.