Craft Brewing with the 200 and 500 Braumeister

Take a virtual tour around Australia of our customers to see what you can do with a Braumeister 200 and 500!

Grain and Grape has designed a complete plug and play system for the craft brewer, with the German made Speidel Braumeister 500L and 200L, Speidel fermenters and everything you need to setup your own brewery.

The Braumeister 200 and 500 breweries are proving themselves around the world as the best choice for all sell on premises venues. The Braumeister's tried and tested compact brewing unit means that brewing, lautering, hop boiling and whirlpool are all done in one vessel.

The fully automatic brewing control takes over the brewing of individually adjusted recipes and runs through all brewing phases with exact times and temperatures. Lautering is done easily and quickly by lifting the malt pipe with the lifting device included. This way you can carry out the lautering process quickly and without mess.

In addition, the device is mobile and easy to move and the space requirement is minimal. This makes it ideal for restaurants, pubs, cafes, accommodation venues or small production breweries. The low purchase cost and a low price per litre compared with traditional 3 vessel systems ensures it pays off quickly.

The equipment is:
•    designed to maximise production of wort from the Braumeister
•    customised by Grain and Grape to match Australian craft brewery practices with industry standard fittings including the use of tri-clover quick release fittings for wort and beer transfer, instead of the European type DIN screw fittings.
•    enhanced with additions to save time and money such as the customised and fully serviceable plate/frame heat exchanger and sintered carbonation stones for wort oxygenation and beer carbonation
•    wide choice of fermenters in terms of size, configuration and type to meet your space and budget requirements

These additions have been selected by our craft brewing consultant Simon Haylock (Grad Cert Brewing, University of Ballarat) based on his work as Head Brewer at Red Hill Brewery, previous experience at Matilda Bay, as well as visits to many breweries. The aim is to make the Braumeister system quick and easy to consistently produce quality beer, making use of the great Speidel engineering matched to Australian commercial brewing industry practices.

We encourage you to visit and and talk with our existing Braumeister 500L and 200L customers to get real world feedback on how they brew with the Braumeister. Also, Grain and Grape, as one of the largest Braumeister distributors worldwide is able to provide excellent warrantee and after sales advice and support, backed by Speidel, Germany.

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For a full price list of a complete package to meet your brewery requirements, please call us. We would also be happy to send you a detailed information PDF of the Grain and Grape Braumeister Craft Brewing package components.