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We're Back In February!
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Since it’s inception in 18th Century England, the India Pale Ale has been taken in so many directions, but perhaps the version that played the biggest part in cementing it as the beer you will find three of in every taproom was the west coast American IPA.

These days we are mostly drinking hazy, thick, fruity IPAs with restrained bitterness and creamy mouthfeel, but five years ago the markers of a good IPA were clarity, sharp bitterness and dank hop character. In this Style School, we intend to take a break from history and look at some of the ways to achieve a great example of the iconic West Coast IPA. We will be looking at hop choices, rates and timings, grist choice and mash management, plus fermentation and dry hopping.

This will be a very beginner-friendly stream, but will have lots of great tips and pointers for more experienced brewers as well. If you consider yourself a master of IPAs, this will be a great stream to get involved in, contributing tips and pointers in the chat as well.

What a great way to kick off the demos again in 2021. See you there!