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The New World Order is challenging but homebrewing must continue (We insist!).

We love the in-store brewing demos, but the safety of our staff, presenters and customers comes first and so unfortunately we won't be doing them for a while. But, we are working on getting the word out through Live Streamed Online Brewing Sessions.

Up Next:

When Gabriel Sedlmayer II and Anton Dreher made their crucial trips to England in the early 1800s, the malting techniques they brought back with them would lead to the creation of some of the tastiest beer styles ever known (this is objective fact and simply a coincidence that they happen to be my personal favourites).

The big three European malts: Munich, Vienna and Pilsner (named for their birth cities), make up the bulk of the grist for most of the great beer styles of Germany. We previously covered Munich Helles, using exclusively Pilsner malt. At this demo we will be making a traditional Vienna Lager, using 100% Vienna malt. We will be looking at the malting process of the grains, and how it differs from Pils and from Munich malts. We will also be talking about how to hop these beers to nail the style. Hopefully we can knock out the 100% Munich Marzen in a future demo as well.

Tune in on Saturday 5th December to join in the fun.


19 December 2020: Helen Does Something