Brewing Demonstrations

Brewing Demonstrations

It's been a long time so we're a bit out of practice. But, carefully and tentatively, we are trying some new ways to bring you live, in-person brewing demonstrations without having to set up the computer screen thing...

In Summer, a young man's thoughts often turn to beer and brewing.

And why not! All-Grain Brewing is a great way to spend long summer days outside. Plus, the whole process is cheaper and easier than you might think.

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, Geoff will be brewing a beer out the front of the shop using his own gas-fired BIAB system and the No Chill method; demonstrating just how simple it can be by breaking the entire process down to 6 easy steps.

If you're about to start your All-Grain journey or just like hanging out with people who make their own beer, this is the session for you!

Brewing starts at 9:00am on the Grain and Grape forecourt. BYO curiosity, sunscreen and hat.


Can't make it to the shop? 

Our YouTube Channel is where you will find all our past live-streamed demos, instructional videos and more. Check It Out.

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