Brewing Demonstrations

The New World Order is challenging but homebrewing must continue.

We love the in-store brewing demos, but the safety of our staff, presenters and customers comes first and so unfortunately we won't be doing them for a while.

Meanwhile, we're working on more Live Streamed Demonstrations and Other Things.

Next Up:

German Lager. It is truly the perfection of the craft of brewing. Very few ingredients, shaped by precision and technique into intensely flavorful and quaffable beers. Germany itself plays host to some of the oldest still running breweries in the world, making for a rich history and tradition attached to the brewing practices.

Unfortunately, all of that technique and precision can at times translate into intimidation for a new brewer, and as such these styles are often avoided until later on in the brewer's journey. Thankfully, we have a Speidel Braumeister which takes out a metric tonne of the human error and allows for complex mashing profiles and perfectly timed hop regimes with a few button presses at the start of the mash.

In this session, Ben will be taking advantage of that to brew one of his all time favourite beer styles: Munich Helles. This pale lager along with its older cousin, the pilsner, helped build the template upon which over 90% of beer brewed in the world is now based. We will be looking at how to brew a good one, what makes it a helles versus other styles, a bit of the history of how the style came to be and some of the techniques and approaches to achieving the perfect brew (with a bit of assistance from quality German engineering).

If this sounds like a fun way to spend a Saturday morning in lockdown, tune in through our YouTube wormhole and join in the conversation.