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The New World Order is challenging but homebrewing must continue (We insist!).

We love the in-store brewing demos, but the safety of our staff, presenters and customers comes first and so unfortunately we won't be doing them for a while. But, we are working on getting the word out through Live Streamed Online Brewing Sessions.

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Ben's Style School: Historical British IPA

There are few beers as steeped in lore as the IPA. Most beer nerds are familiar with the story of English brewers boosting the ABV and hopping rates of their pale ales to help them survive the journey to the thirsty soldiers in India, but how much of that is true?
Beer style enthusiast and history nerd Ben intends to take a look at the development of the style through the last few centuries, where it started, how it has changed, how the East India Company are involved... As well as the various different approaches to brewing it. We will also be attempting to make a fairly accurate historical example of the beer.
If that sounds like fun, come hang out for our YouTube live stream

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