Brewing Demonstrations

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The New World Order is challenging but homebrewing must continue (We insist!).

We love the in-store brewing demos, but the safety of our staff, presenters and customers comes first and so unfortunately we won't be doing them for a while. But, we are working on getting the word out through Live Streamed Online Brewing Sessions.

Up Next:

Different beer styles evolve for a number of reasons. Perhaps the water source of an area lent itself to particular brewing practices and ingredients (the soft water of Pilsen for example). Or maybe the availability of certain ingredients resulted in changes to recipes (the addition of molasses in Jamaican stouts). But perhaps one of the most powerful forces in the development of beer "styles" and brewing practices is economics.

One of the classic examples of this is the turbid mashing technique employed in the traditional brewing of lambics. In this demo we will be doing our best to recreate this technique whilst talking about the legal and economic conditions that resulted in its development. We will also be talking about the style itself, what ingredients go into making it and some different methods of achieving the style at home.

Cameras roll at 9:30am.