Double Mashing

Double Mashing
German Engineering and Aussie Ingenuity – producing 38 litres of wort at greater than 85% efficiency on the 20 litre Braumeister.
1.Begin with 2 x 4 Kg of grain.
Double bags of grain
2.Set the program for 1 hour mash – no mash out. Add water to top mark on central tie rod.
Set the program
3.Add 1st lot of grain. 
Add Grain
4.Because we are sparging with a lot of water, a trivet is handy to leave space in the Braumeister.
Trivet to leave space
5.After the mash, sparge with 10 litres of water.
Sparge with water
6.After the first sparge, tap off three litres to allow space for the second lot of grain. Keep that aside until the 2nd sparge. Program the second mash and add a mash out if you like. We normally have a 5 minute mash out at 78 C.
Mash Out
7.Mash in with the second lot of grain into the wort.
Mash in again
8.While you wait for the Braumeister to do its thing, have a cup of coffee or a home brew.
Have a coffee
9. At end of 2nd mash, lift malt pipe and add the 3 litres of wort set aside from the first mash. Mash out then sparge with another 10 litres.
Second sparge
10.Boil and add hops as required. The 20 litre Braumeister kettle is over 40 litres so will take the full volume.
Add hops
11.Chill or no-chill.  
Chill or no chill
This procedure has been developed to demonstrate the capacity and efficiency possibilities of the Braumeister.
Every recipe requires a different OG so variations to foundation water, sparge water and malt bill will be necessary to achieve this.
Like most systems, efficiency will drop as mash size increases. Expect about 82% for 2 x 5Kg mashes.
Don’t forget to increase sparge volume if increasing the amount of grain used. 2.5 litres per Kg.
Let us know if you have any queries or any great ideas or experiences.