John Preston

Hobbles around Albert Park Lake or the Tan around 3 times a week
Favourite Beer Styles to drink and all too rarely make – currently Flanders Red, big Stouts, US IPA
On Board of ANHC
BJCP Judge
Likes to read History and Fiction
Enjoys cooking especially with Wood Fired Oven
Tigers tragic
Stuck in a timewarp listening to 1970’s New Wave/Post Punk/Electronic music and 50’s and 60’s US Jazz


Chris Schaefer

Favorite Beers at the moment Rodenbach, Liefmann's and IPAs
BJCP Judge
2IC, Head brewer and Chief Troubleshooter with G&G
Prefer reading technical info rather than novels
Bake lots of biscuits for my son
Make a lot of boomerangs
Coffee roaster and drinker
Tinker with food and cooking including kefir and pickles
Enjoying being dad, have a 8yo son
Like playing with computer programming
Go overboard with getting measurements right, I have spreadsheets for:
brewing, hydration of bread dough, cooking rice, making coffee, and more


Brew on a 3 vessel system - currently building a HERMS
Favourite beer Rodenback Grand Cru or anything from Cantillon
Brewing a lot of sour mash & Brett beers, hiding them away so I won't be tempted to drink them too early.
Favourite hop: Gotta love Citra
Favourite malt: Acidulated
Favourite yeast: Wyeast Belgian Saison
Other interests: Seem to have been renovating non stop for the last 3 years
Occasionally get out on the mountain bike.


Punk rocker turned homebrew dad, it's all about the DIY man!

Most likely brewing something ridiculous or experimenting with an offbeat idea or concept.

Favourite beers: Couldn't play favourites, though I've never been able to go past an ESB on a beer list

Favourite malt: Weyermann or Best Munich. It just boosts everything, gives it legs.

Favourite Yeast: 1968, London ESB

Favourite Hops: EKG, Tettnang and Citra, for completely different reasons

Best advice:  Even when everything goes wrong, you still end up with beer!

Second best advice: But if you don't clean and sanitise everything properly you only have yourself to blame

Matt Collinson

Enjoys cooking, Thai and Indian cuisine would have to be a couple of favourites.

Enjoys playing golf when spare time is available.

Current favourite beer styles : IPA’s, Bocks, enjoying malty beers right now.

Always keen to try different styles from around the world.

Started brewing in 2010  with a  coopers European Lager kit, 2 years on become a  BIAB brewer and currently
Having fun building a three tier brewing system to eventually become a HERMS system.

Three Favourite malts : Simpsons, Dingemans Biscuit, Beechwood
Three Favourite hops : Citra, Ella & Fuggle


Simon Haylock

Qualified and experienced brewer (Red Hill Brewery, Matilda Bay and home brewed since 1987)
Now part time brewing consultant to new craft breweries
Braumeister evangelist !
Love Belgian, sour and very hoppy beers
Sent my Son for a high school exchange trip to Bavaria and he’s decided to stay in beer mecca - lucky him!
Into XC skating and telemark skiing, landrovers, coffee roasting, lever coffee machines and anything that requires tinkering
Favourite beers: Cantillon Gueuze and any hoppy IPA!
Favourite malt: Weyermann Dark Munich!
Favourite Yeast: Wyeast French Saison
Favourite Hops: Mosaic
Best advice:  Relax and just press the Braumeister button!

Oscar Casley

Beer and beer enthusiast. Loves to have a beer while drinking a beer, and definitely loves to have a beer while making a beer.

Favourite drink: Beer.

Favourite beers: Schlenkerla Rauchbier (any of the varieties), Timmy T's Landlord (Classic), Boatrocker Ramjet (oof) and give me an Epic Hop Zombie any day of the week.

I brew mainly mid strength beers, specifically Czech Pale Lager, which is a challenging style to brew but has very satisfying results.

Worst homebrewing experience: Double Decoction Dunkel which turned into more of a quadruple decoction. Never again. You can actually see a video of the brew day on my silly little homebrew blog here.

Other interests: I play in a couple of bands, do a bit of drawing and enjoy eating.

Oh, did I mention beer?

Geoff Hammond

Avid home brewer and maker of cider and mead.
Compulsive tinkerer and fettler of things electrical, mechanical and electronic(al).
Hand-makes soap for family, friends and neighbours.
Single-vessel brewing evangelist.
Conducts the hugely popular Grain and Grape BIAB demos, often with brew-buddy Dan.
Enjoys living Off-Grid in Victoria's Central Highlands.
Remains unable to derive an income from his 200-tree olive grove.
Favourite malt: Simpson's.
Favourite hop: Cascade.
Favourite tool: Chainsaw.


- Once worked as a freelance editor and producer, creating content for community television and the corporate sector. Now I brew beer.
- A home brewer since 2008, currently brews on a 50 litre Braumeister system.
- Loves to drink, brew and talk about sour beers, wild ales and anything hoppy.
- Favourite stuff to brew with: botanicals, oak, fruit and wild yeast.
- Favourite malt: Really digging anything by Gladfield at the moment.
- Favourite comment people make about the house when I'm brewing: What’s that stink!”
- Best advice: If using non traditional ingredients for the first time, moderation is the key (then throw some Brett in it.)

Finn Teague-Morre

I'm a new start to the homebrewing scene with my first craft being a pretty bog-standard Citra IPA back in mid-2017!

My mainstay brews are IPAs, porters and stouts. I also enjoy making different types of ciders and meads (as they're real easy to smash together) and currently experimenting with hopped Galaxy and Sabro ciders (with some pretty great results!).

My brew setup is a 40L kettle which I do BIAB. Usually, I will ferment in a 25L fermenter and then rack some into a 5L demijohn to experiment with. I also love doing small 5L batch brews to really narrow down what I like in them before scaling them up. Usually, get some funky ones!

Favourite Malt: Crystal 120 is always welcome in my house.
Favourite Hop: Toss-up between Galaxy, Sabro and Mosaic.

Other tidbits, I'm currently working on a VR game planned for release sometime in 2020.