Fresh Wort Kit Recipes

Fresh Wort Kit Recipes

These recipes are designed around the No Chill process – exactly as we make them in our brewery – to produce wort exactly as you buy them in our kits.

We work on an end of boil volume of 20 litres, allowing losses of 3 litres for hops, trub, etc, enough to fill one of our No Chill Cubes.

We assume 70% Brewhouse (system) efficiency.

The amount of strike water required will vary from system to system as well as brewer technique and the recipe. Consider our recommendations a guide only.

Modern malt is fairly tolerant of inexact mash temperatures. Stay within a degree or two of our specified temps and you’re good to go.

We think that we make better beer when we are enjoying ourselves. Always enjoy yourself when brewing and drinking beer.


See the recipe here. A pale ale brewed in the true American style, it is malty and aggressively hopped with Cascade, Centennial and Columbus with assertive bitterness but good balance making it a flavoursome yet easy-drinking style. Find the Fresh Wort Kit here.

Chris's British Ale

See the recipe here. A Pale Ale brewed in the classic British style. It is malty with firm bitterness at the same time making it nicely balanced. It has been bittered using Warrior hops, and generous amounts of Fuggles, East Kent Goldings and Willamette have been added for flavour and aroma. Find the Fresh Wort Kit here.

Ferg's Oatmeal Stout

Oatmeal stout is a luscious black beer with chocolate characters on both the nose and the palate. Our version is based on Fergus McGregor's fabulous award-winning recipe and is a complex blend of base and dark malts and of course oatmeal. Find the Fresh Wort Kit here.

New World Ale

A hoppy ale with loads of the best of the Pacific Rim hops. We vary the hops we use from year to year depending on “What’s Good” and encourage you to experiment with your own selections. The result is an easy-drinking session ale with a malty backbone born of quality Australian Pale and German Caramel Hell malts. Find the Fresh Wort Kit here.

Yarraville Pale Ale

A hoppy ale with loads of the best of the Pacific Rim hops Galaxy, Citra and Kohatu. An easy-drinking session pale ale with a malty backbone using Australian Pilsner and German Crystal malt. Find the Fresh Wort Kit here.

Session IPA

A Session IPA made with 100% Vienna malt. Late hopped with Citra, Galaxy and Amarillo. Not too strong, a good malt backbone and plenty of hop flavour. Or, buy the Fresh Wort Kit.

Bavarian Wheat

Pale Wheat and Pilsner malts carefully proportioned produce superb German Wheat beers. You can make a flavoursome Belgian Wit by adding Citrus Peel and Coriander seed and fermenting with Wyeast 3944 yeast. No time? Buy the Fresh Wort Kit,

Milkshake IPA

A nice style that came from changing around the NEIPA style. It has lactose that leaves it a sweeter beer. An addition of fruit during fermentation makes it even more interesting. You can get the already made wort kit here.