The New Braumeister

Braumeister Plus 50
The front of the new Braumeister control unit features a wipe clean touch screen.

Good-bye push-buttons.

Hello integration with Tilt Hydrometer via Bluetooth and Web Browser access via WiFi.

The rear boasts improved water resistance and provision for future expansion plus easy cleaning.

back of controller

The variable speed pump now included as standard is easy to remove and take apart for cleaning.

Hello shorter brew days.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the proven effectiveness of the Braumeister’s bottom-up mashing system.

Hello high efficiency.

The malt pipe now has four bolts instead of two for more flexibility during lautering.

New Malt Pipe

The control system’s temperature sensor has been moved closer to the middle of the malt pipe, resulting in more accurate mash temperatures.

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