How to Order Grain

Using the grain ordering facility of our site.

We do not ship grains to countries other than Australia.

Pickups - When you get to the checkout, you can choose the option to pick up your order at our shop.
We appreciate if grains are ordered the day before pickup.
If you order for pickup the same day please do so early so there is a better chance of us being able to prepare it for you.

Grain is priced according to quantity purchased. When you select a type of grain, the prices for purchasing various quantities are clearly shown. Price ranges are 0 to 1.999 kilos, 2 to 19.999 kilos and over 20 kilos. The system calculates the total you will be charged depending on the quantity you order.

1. Select the first type of grain.

2. Use the drop down menus to choose “Bag 1” and to decide whether you want the grain in this bag milled or not.

3. Enter the quantity you require in kilos. The minimum is 5grams, please round to the nearest 5 grams.

4. If you don’t require any more grain, proceed to checkout or to selecting your next item.
5. If you do require more grain and you would like it included in the same bag:         

Select the grain required:

Choose Bag 1:

Proceed as you did previously. Normally all grains chosen in one bag would be either milled or unmilled. The main exception to this would be when flaked grains are included with milled grain.

6. If you do require more grain and you would like it included in a different bag:         

Select the grain required;

Choose Bag 2:

Proceed as you did previously.

7. Continue selecting as above.