How to Order Grain & Grain Book Explained

Ordering Grain

If this is your first time ordering grain from us, it is a simple process.

Start with the first grain in your recipe. Click through to the ordering page and you will see three input windows on the right of the screen.

1. Bag Number: Refers to which bag you would like your grain added to. If you would like all of the grain in your order to be in the same bag, select bag 1 for each grain. If you would like the different malt varieties to be in separate bags, give each malt its own bag number (up to Bag number 20). This also enables you to order multiple complete recipes in the one order. If you are ordering grain for a stout and a pilsner, you can place all of the stout grains in Bag 1, and the pilsner grains in Bag 2.

2. Milled/Unmilled: Is pretty self-explanatory. If you would like the grain milled, select milled, if you wish to mill it yourself at home, change it to unmilled. Each order will default to milled.

3. Quantity: Next to the add to cart button is a window for inputting the weight of the grain you wish to purchase. The value is to be added in kilos, down to 5g increments. E.g., 300g of malt will be input as 0.3.

When you are ready to move onto the next grain, click the add to cart button and you are on your way. You can review your cart when you are ready to place the order and ensure that each grain is in the correct bag.

Grain Book Explained

The Grain Book is a method of pre purchasing grain at a discounted price. Brewers purchase at a single Kg price in advance and draw down as required. The malt you buy will always be fresh.
After decades of offering this service, and many thousands of users, we now have it integrated into our website.

Using it has never been simpler. To purchase/top up your balance, simply click through to the “Grain Book” window through the drop-down menu, or by searching for “Grain Book” in our handy search bar. Select from the options available.

The Briess & Dingemans ranges of Grain are not available in the Grain Book.

Once you have purchased your credit, any grain you purchase through the website from that point on you will be given the option at checkout to “Apply Grain Book”. This will subtract the weight of the grain purchased from your total purchased credit instead of charging the grain to your bank account. And that’s it!

The balance in your Grain book is displayed in Kg on the top of the page at all times you are logged in.