Start Brewing

Brewing Starter Kits

If you are ready to make your own beer at home, one of these starter kits is a great choice to start off with.

These starter kits have all the basic gear and ingredients to make your first beer. 

They all make great beer, just pick the style of beer you want to try first. You can choose one from below or see the full range of our Brewing Starter Kits.

How to Make the Beer

How do you make this delicious beer? Check out the video:

All Grain Brewing

A lot of home brewers are happy to keep making beer using our tasty wort kits. Just choose another beer style or the same one from our range of wort kits plus yeast and off you go again.

Some of our customers want to get going with all grain brewing right away. To get started, you will need one of the Brewing Starter Kits from above and also an all grain system of some kind. Take a look at our Start All Grain Brewing post to see.

Want to see all grain brewing in action? Have a look at Ben in the video below showing how.