New To Brewing


We love nothing more than helping people get started on their new brewing venture. We have a couple of hundred years of combined brewing experience and are happy to spend the time to make Your First Brew a great experience.

Just drop into the shop, phone on (03) 96870061 or email to


Everything you need to get started is included in our range of Beginner home brewing kits. We always include one of our high quality Fresh Wort Kits which will ensure you make the highest quality brew the first time around.

Here’s a great video taking you through your first brew with your new brewery and a Grain and Grape Fresh Wort Kit.



One thing we can all definitely agree on at the shop is that this book is a must have, for new or experienced brewers. We often notice it on the shelves at our favourite breweries and we all have our own beer soaked copies at home. It goes through the basics for absolute beginners, with step by step extract recipes, then moves onto steeping grains and all grain brewing and then starts delving into the more techinical aspects of brewing - this book is always useful. Pick up your copy today!