SS Brewtech - Chronical 7 Gallon Fermenter

$ 599.00

The Chronical has a full 60° cone, terminating in a Full Port 40mm (1.5”) opening, making dumping trub through the included elbow and ball valve a breeze. Sanitary TIG welded fittings insure years of rustless contamination free brewing.  A rotating racking arm (patent pending) is set halfway up the cone, allowing for the racking of trub free beer, regardless of how high your trub reaches.  A weldless thermowell allows for easy temperature monitoring and control. Use a digital temperature controller with the Chronical to dial your fermenter’s temperature in to the degree. The lid is easy to remove, and sealed in place with a molded silicone gasket.  Full capacity to the rim of fermenter is 26.6 litres, and with domed lid and a blowoff setup , ferments can go cleanly!  Laser etched gallon and litre markers inside denote what volume of brew you are working with.  Six spring-loaded lid clamps hold the lid in place, confirming that your Chronical is airtight, and can be pressurized upto a maximum of 5 PSI for easy transfers. Sturdy stainless steel legs keep your beer off the ground, and allow for clean and easy access to racking and dump valves.


  • 7 Gallons capacity / 26.5 Litre Capacity
  • Certified food grade 304 Stainless 
  • Sanitary welds
  • Electrically etched (not painted) gallon and litre markings
  • Carry handles - carry when full!
  • Pressurized transfers
  • Buy Brew Bucket lid to cut height if needed
  • Stopper - included
  • Food grade silicone lid gasket - included
  • 1/2" high quality 3-piece ball valve - included
  • 3/4" high quality 3-piece ball valve - included
  • 1 1/2" TC fittings (lid, side, bottom) - included
  • Rotatable racking arm - included
  • Weldless 304 SS thermowell - included
  • Optional LCD temp gauge (see Accessories)
  • 84 cm H x 35.5cm W product dimensions
  • Gallon and litre markings begin at 4 Gal
  • Patent Pending
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