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The 20 Gallon InfuSsion Mash Tun from Ss Brewing Technologies is targeted at serious brewers wanting to mash in an insulated stainless steel tun that has great thermal retention, a sloped bottom with center drain, a recirculation port, a manometer, LCD thermometer, high quality 3 piece ball valve, and innovation optional accessories such as a vorlauf attachment and a RIMS re-circulaton mainfold.   By locating the drain port in the middle we are able to get better uniformity and efficiency through the grain bed versus traditional plastic cooler setups or even herms/rims systems which all typically draw off of one side or another  - not the dead center /bottom of the tun!.   And of course the manometer lets you optimize your flow rate and is yet another pro brewing feature (like the center drain) we are bringing to the home and nano brewing market.  Our optional sparge arm will also work here on this unit as will the optional MTSs (Mash Temperature Stabilization system).  Oh and by the way you can easily make kettle sours using the MTSs to hold your temps!  Ss Brewtech's new 20 gal InfuSsion Mash Tun is one deadly serious piece of brewing equipment that will bring you years of great brewing and great beers!

  • 75 litres capacity
  • Dual wall (foam insulated) high grade 304 SS
  • Better temp retention than plastic coolers
  • Ultra high efficiency mashing
  • Get clear wort / set grain bed efficiently
  • Center drain and 5 degree sloped bottom
  • No dead space, conical bottom with drain
  • Manometer for measuring DP
  • Re-circulation port
  • Foam insulated lid for heat retention
  • Cannot direct fire heat with burner
  • Hang lid on either handle
  • Silicone handles for safety
  • Internal volume markings starting at 7.5 litres
  • Electrically etched volume markings
  • Volume markings in both gallons / liters
  • Includes false bottom w/silicone gasket!
  • Includes thermowell
  • Includes precision LCD thermometer (NEW)
  • Includes high quality 304 Ss 3 piece ball valve
  • Dimensions: 495 mm Width x 580 mm Height (body only)
  • Add 100 mm to width for both handles
  • Add 75 mm to height for the lid / handle
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