Chiller - Copper Immersion 5m X 12mm (Short)

$ 145.00

This locally made copper immersion chiller will cool down about 10 litres of wort nicely, it has standard Australian hose fittings so you can connect female garden hose connections to it. Water can be saved by having the warm outlet water run into a tank so you can use the water later or run it through a garden irrigation system. If you have rainwater tank or some other water storage capacity you could purchase a cheap pump and use tank water through the chiller to cool your wort.
During warm weather or when you want to cool your wort to low temperatures like 10°C, two stage cooling works well. Use what water you have to cool the wort to within about 5 or 10°C of the water temperature, then get a smaller container (maybe 20 or 30 litres) with crushed ice just covered with water and pump that through the chiller, the ice water will chill your wort to a lower temperature than tap or tank water alone. But be warned only use the ice water at the end to achieve those final few degrees!

This model has approximately 5 metres of ½" copper tube, a total height of 50cm, the OD of the coil is 21cm, the height of the actual coil part is 25cm. It is ideal for use with a 10 litre Braumeister.
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