Kreyer Chilly Max 50 - 3 phase glycol chiller

$ 12026.30

The Kreyer Chilly Max 50 is a small commercial grade glycol chiller suitable for use in small craft breweries. It comprises a 30 Litre glycol tank, refrigeration unit and recirculating pump all in one compact unit.

It is designed to cool up to around 3-4 x 600L fermenters.. This chiller runs on a normal 20A 3 phase power outlet but draws a maximum of 7.8A

The unit uses a 33% polypropylene glycol solution typcially at around -2 Celsius set point with each fermentation tank having its own temperature controller (sold separately eg Kreyer Fermflex Mobile). This means you can have for example one tank fermenting at 12C, one at 18C and one crash chilling at zero C.

Please contact us at G&G and we would be happy to recommend the right size for your application and send you a free heat calculation Excel worksheet and full specifications sheet so you can be sure you have the right sized chiller.

We can also provide you with a custom glycol pipework diagram and recommend glycol pipework products for you or your plumber to install in your brewery.

Cooling Capacity:6.4Kw at 15C or ~3Kw at -2C
Electrical Supply: 20A 3 Phase 5 pin power point, 7.8A Max draw.
Noise: 73DbA
Tank volume:30 Litres
Pump type: Grundfos CM 3-4
Pump pressure 3 Bar.
Weight: 131Kg
Dimensions: 750mm x 880mm x 1000mm

NOTE: Next size up chiller is the Kreyer Max 90

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