Kreyer S35 Coolroom Fan Unit

$ 1732.50

The Kreyer S35 Fan unit is a glycol to air chiller that transfer the 'cool' in your glycol to the air in your coolroom! .

It is designed to cool small to quite large coolrooms and can either run continuously or work with an optional thermostat control. This chiller runs on a normal 240V power supply and has a small current draw

This measn that you dont need to have a separate refrigeration unit for your coolroom, so you can save $$ and have lower power bills.

Please contact us at G&G and we would be happy to recommend the right size Glycol Chiller for your application and send you a free heat calculation Excel worksheet and full specifications sheet so you can be sure you have the right sized chiller and fan unit.

We can also provide you with a custom glycol pipework diagram and recommend glycol pipework products for you or your plumber to install in your brewery.

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