Draught beer system 1 keg & beer gun, & gas bottle, BYO Fridge. SHOP PICKUP ONLY

$ 325.00
Pick up in the shop only.

Time to give up filling beer bottles!
If you have your own fridge and like to dispense by opening the fridge and pour your beer with a beer gun, this system might be right for you. You don't have to drill holes to mount the beer tap in a fridge wall or door.

This system includes:

1 new 19L postmix keg
1 x Beer Gun Stainless and Nylon Composite
2.6 KG CO2 bottle full
1 x Multi MK3 CO2 regulator
1 x gas and 1 x beer disconnect
2 x John Guest disonnect adaptors - so you can connect hose to the disconnects
3 metres of 5mm ID hose for dispensing the beer
1.5 metres of 5mm ID hose for sending gas from the regulator to the keg
2 x hose clamps to fit hose to regulator, and beer gun.

Just add beer and enjoy!
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