2 Head Combination Keg Washer and CIP set.

$ 7920.00

Mobile Two Station Combination Keg Washer and CIP Set - Made in Melbourne. After requests from many of our customers, Grain and Grape has designed and manufactured a special combination Keg Washer CIP set. This very compact unit is designed to clean around 25 kegs per hour and is also designed to clean and sanitise fermentation tanks as well as the Sondex wort heat exchanger and all brewery hoses. It is designed to operate as a kit with the Grain and Grape portable CIP pump (sold separately). The Grain and Grape keg washer / CIP set is designed to work in lower powered sites, requiring only one 10A and one 15A regular 240V power outlets and a connection to filtered cold water. Optionally it has a compressed air connection (highly recommended instead of using CO2 for initial blow out of keg residues) and a hot water connection for initial rinses (cold rinse is also fine). The washer heats its own cleaning solution (temperature is user adjustable) and uses a special sanitising metering system for use with your preferred keg sanitiser. The washer / CIP set is made in Melbourne from bead blasted stainless steel and has an Australian made fully caustic resistant thermostatically controlled 3.6Kw heating element. It is designed to cycle through 2 kegs at once every 4 to 5 minutes. It can also wash one keg at a time if desired. It also includes industrial swivel castors and with the very compact size can be stored away in the smallest of commercial breweries!

Special features are:
Fits 2 X commercial 20/30/50L kegs as well as small corny sized kegs
Ergonimic design with logical valve layout for ease of use
75L 3.6 Kw thermostat controlled heated cleaning solution tank
High quality caustic resistant heating element made in Melbourne
Sight glass for easily checking cleaning solution levels
All stainless steel frame, caustic tank and valves
1.5" tri clamp connections for connection to CIP pump and fermenter / HX cleaning
Swivel castors and compact frame so easily stored and moved around the brewery.
Connections required:
One 10A and one 15A regular 240V power outlets
Compressed air (doesnt need to be large compressor)
Filtered water x 2
CO2 at 1.5 Bar
CIP pump with tri clamp hose inlet and outlet
The washer is sold without keg couplers so you can choose either A or D type. Type 'coupler' to see our range.
This washer is usually in stock or available to order. Setup and training support provided by our expert staff!
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