All Grain Kit - "Carry My Bags" Summer Porter

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Our grain kits include grains, hops, kettle finings and minerals to adjust your water for each recipe. Yeast not included. We store the grains uncrushed until we sell them. Hops are packaged in the correct quantities and vacuum sealed and refrigerated until sold. We have added salts to adjust your brewing water. These additions are to change Melbourne water which is quite soft to suit this recipe. If you are going to use water which is not soft it will be fine to use the salts provided. If you want to look further into water chemistry please contact us to discuss. This recipe is based on 20L end of boil volume, 70% efficiency.

'Carry My Bags' Summer Porter is an easy drinking lighter style of the classic London Porter.
GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS: Approximate Starting Gravity: 1.050.
Bitterness: 30 IBU's using Magnum hops.
Grist make up: Joe White Pilsner 93%, Best Caramel Munich II - 4.7%, Weyermann Carafa Special II - 2.3%.
Late hops:Fuggles
Recommended yeasts:
Wyeast 1056, SAF US05 or Danstar BRY 97.
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