Pump - March

$ 390.00

This pump is constructed of food-grade material, handles wort at boiling temperature and takes back pressure. The pump housing is made from polysulfone because it is a tough, food-grade plastic rated to temperatures as hot as 130C. It offers many of the benefits of the ideal material, stainless steel, without the prohibitive cost.
The magnetic drive acts as a clutch allowing the user to put backpressure on the pump to slow down flow. Since it is magnetic drive, it is not self priming, you must put the pump under the level of the liquid source. A 6' power cord is attached but there is no plug as many people like to have them hard wired. This is a tough little pump with a 1/25 hp, continuous-duty 1.4 Amp motor which can be run non-stop for extended periods. This pump has a maximum flow of 7.2 gpm with a maximum head of 12 feet. For an example of typical usage: with a head of 6' it will pump 3.25 gpm and with an 8' head it will pump 2.5 gpm. 1/2" mpt fittings on both inlet and outlet. Materials in contact with solution are Polysulfone, 316 stainless steel, silicon rubber, Raton and Teflon. Shaded pole, thermal overload protected, single phase motor is fan cooled. Will handle internal pressures to 150 psi. Max pressure the pump can produce in a closed system is a little over 5 psi. Face unscrews and rotates at 90 degree intervals to adjust to your application. We have sold this type of pump for years.

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