Speidel Braumeister - Fermenter Unitank 1200L, 2 x cooling jackets and TC ports

$ 19244.00

Speidel 1200 litre stainless steel cylindro conical pressure tank with the newly developed insulation jacket. This new jacket is also constructed from stainless steel with Armaflex-lamination insulation and incorporates all round sealing and edge protection.

These are high quality German made stainless steel pressurised combined fermentation/maturation tanks. Commonly known as ‘unitank’, they are designed to ferment, clarify, carbonate and condition your beer in the one tank, eliminating the need to transfer the beer after primary fermentation. The steep sided cone section means yeast falls to the bottom of the tank where it can be cropped for re-pitching or disposal.

This model tanks is enhanced with:
Extra cooling jacket - on cone plus cylinder sections..
2 X 1.5" tri clamp ports on racking and drain ports instead of 1" BSPP.
1 x 1.5" tri clamp port on cylinder section for carbonation stone instead of DIN11851
Special tank features are:
Special 3D inner surface facilitates cleaning.
Working pressure up to 1.2 Bar
Integrated cooling jacket
Pressure relief valve
‘Spunding’ valve to self-carbonate the beer
Includes thermometer and sample valve
1 X multi-use 1.5" tr-clamp connection point for carbonation stone
2 X 1" ball valves connected to the two 1.5" tri clamp tank outlets
1 X Multi-use NW 25 DIN 11851 connection point
Optional CIP spray ball to fit multi use connection point
Complies with Germany’s Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV)
Australian Worksafe pressure vessel design approved
Tri-clover adaptors available to match your hose configurations
Thermowell available for automatic temperature control setup
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