Step Drill

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These High Speed Steel (HSS) drill bits are ideal to drill stainless pots, kegs and other products. This particular size is ideal as you can drill hole sizes up to 20mm which is perfect for 1/2inch threaded products that are common in the home brewing industry and it can also drill hole sizes up to 22mm which is perfect for 5/8inch products such as tap shanks. This bit can also be used to drill pilot holes for the range of hole punches that we sell separately. For best results in stainless steel or metal make sure to drill slowly (less than 600prm). Use significant pressure when drilling and also use cutting lubricant to lubricate the cut but also keep the bit and metal that you are cutting cold. NOTE: If fast drill speeds are used the metal and bit will heat up and the bit will lose it's hardness and not last as long.

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