Braumeister 200 Extra Kettle

$ 21725.00
Brew even more beer by upgrading your Braumeister 200 with this additional kettle! This is essentially a Braumeister 200 but without the malt pipe or central rod or crane. It allows you to boil your first mash whilst you conduct another mash and boil in your Braumeister. It has the full Braumeister controller with exactly the same firmware and variable speed pump controller as a regular Braumeister 200.

Braumeister 200 Litre Upgrade Kettle only
Heating spiral: 3 x 3000 W heating capacity
Pump: 1 x 370 W
Power connection: 400 V (fuse at least 20 Amp)
Complete connection: 9.4 kW
Capacity: 150L to ~300L of wort
At Grain and Grape we do double mashes with the 500L Braumeister and get around double the wort. We end up with close to and sometimes more than 900 litres of wort at end of boil. At this volume we can get 1.066 or 16.5 Plato.
Control system: Fully automatic brewing control (temperature, time, pump)

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