200 litre Braumeister

$ 25300.00
The Braumeister is the ultimate automated brewing system. For simplicity, ease of use and ease of cleaning it can't be beaten. A 5 step fully automated control system makes brewing a breeze. The 200 litre system is ideal for a bar or cafe or a highly enthusiastic home brewer. Adjustable feet, a hoist, compact, automated, jacketed for cooling and with a whirlpool operation, this is the ultimate small commercial brewing system. We love it!

Please ask at the shop for a manual.

Braumeister 200 Litre
Material: Stainless steel
Weight: 150 kg with inserts and lifting bows
Approx. 200 kg of shipping weight in a wooden crate
Heating: 3 x 3000 W heating capacity
Pump: 1 x 370 W
Power connection: 400 V (fuse at least 16 A)
Complete connection: 9,4 kW
Contents: Approx. 200 l of finished beer (around 5%) = approx. 230 l of beer wort
At Grain and Grape we normally do a double mash and get more wort. We can get around 350 litres at 1.064 or 16 Plato of wort at the end of the boil.
Cooling: 1,3 m² double jacket surface
Dimensions: L 136 cm x B 90 cm x H 208 cm
Wooden crate: L 132 cm x B 100 cm x H 175 cm
Control system: Fully automatic brewing control (temperature, time, pump)
Quantity of malt: Max. quantity of malt 42 kg per mash

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