Brewery - Super Speidel Starter Setup

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This is the perfect entry level setup plus some useful extras to get involved in home brewing. It contains all the same items as the standard brewery except that the fermenter and accessories are German made SPEIDEL brand and the hand capper is replaced by a lever capper and it also has a heat belt for winter brewing.

The setup comprises;

  • Complete instructions for your first brew.
  • Grain and Grape New World Ale Fresh Wort Kit.
  • Fermentis US-05 dried American ale yeast.
  • SPEIDEL 30 litre HDPE plastic fermenter.
  • SPEIDEL HDPE Plastic Tap.
  • SPEIDEL Airlock and silicon bung.
  • Long handled plastic spoon.
  • Long bottle brush.
  • Brewers bottler.
  • Hydrometer and test jar.
  • Adhesive polychromic thermometer.
  • Carbonation drops.
  • Flexible heat belt (On/off operation only)
  • Pack of 100 crown seals.
  • Superautomatica lever type capper.
  • 250ml bottle of StellarSan sanitizer.
  • 1kg pack of Oxyclean cleaner.
  • 5ml Syringe and tubing to measure sanitizer.
  • 500ml Atomizer bottle for sanitizer.
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