Fresh Wort Kit - Berliner Weisse/Gose

$ 58.00
Our wort kits are made in house on a Speidel 500L Braumeister Brewery. They are especially suited to time poor brewers or those who simply want an excellent beer with a minimum of effort.
NOTE: This kit is designed to be fermented undiluted. Yeast not included.


This is wort is kettle soured with Lacto plantarum and Buchneri. This makes it perfectly suited to making a Berliner Weisse, Gose or adding Brett or fruit. The possibilities are almost unlimited. It is a low gravity but the acidity makes it a tough environment for the yeast so we recommend using 2 packs of either liquid or dry yeast use 1 pack and make a 2 litre starter.
Recommended yeasts:
Use a mild flavoured yeast such as Wyeast 1056 or 1007. US05 is a suitable dry yeast.


Approximate cube volume: 16.5L
Starting Gravity: 1.035
Grist make up: Joe White Pilsner 50%, JW Wheat 50%.

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