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Our wort kits are made in house on a Speidel 500L Braumeister Brewery from grain and brewed true to style. They are especially suited to time poor brewers or those who simply want an excellent beer with a minimum of effort.

NOTE: Supplied in a 16.5 litre HDPE cube. these kits are generally designed to add 3 litres of water immediately prior to fermentation to achieve the ideal balance. You may if you wish, not add the extra water for a richer, higher gravity version.

Yeast not included.


A pale ale brewed in the true American style, malty and aggressively hopped with Cascade, Centennial and Columbus with assertive bitterness but good balance making it a flavoursome yet easy drinking style.

This is a beer that is worth experimenting with in terms of Dry Hopping. It is not essential but if you'd like to experiment you could try 40g to 80 grams of any classic IPA Hop. Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic and Simcoe in the fermenter 3 days before packaging.

Recommended yeasts:
Wyeast 1056 or 1272. SAF US05 or Danstar BRY97.

Find the actual recipe here.

Matt (from Grain and Grape) fermented one and used the following dry hops in the fermenter 3 days before packaging:
40g Chinook
80g Mosaic
80g Cascade
Matt tells us that most guys that tasted it thought it was awesome and quite a few guys asked for the recipe after having a sample.
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