Speidel Hydro Apple & Fruit Press - 40 litre

$ 1300.00

Make delicious fruit juices from apples, pears, grapes and berries. You have never yet pressed such a good fruit juice so quickly and so easily. Just shred the fruit, grapes, berries etc. and fill the SPEIDEL Hydropress with them, open the water tap and watch how the pressure of the tap water forces the shredded fruit from the inside to the outside against the grid of the basket and extracts even the very last drops of juice from the shredded fruit. The Hydropress can also be used in pressing of tomatoes and citrus fruit.

High juice yield, less waste
Quick pressing and short flow paths ensure a gentle treatment of the vitamins; the juice will have a wonderful, deliciously fresh aroma. Owing to the high pressure, you will achieve an unusually high juice yield – even when the basket is only partly full. Operates without electricity and without muscle-power
The Hydropress works with a brilliantly simple, energy-saving motive force: simply connect a garden-hose to the normal water mains and turn on the tap. The tap water will expand the built-in rubber membrane outwards and squeeze the shredded fruit against the grid of the basket. The pressure applied and the duration of pressing can be regulated simply by opening or closing the water tap. Robust construction
When pressing normal mains water pressure of 2.5 to 3 bar will generate around 20 tonnes of pressing power. This enormous performance calls for the highest quality both in material and in workmanship. The pressing basket consists of rust-free stainless steel; the super-elastic rubber membrane is made of high-quality natural rubber.
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