New 10 Litre Braumeister Plus

$ 2890.00

The New Braumeister is the ultimate automated brewing system. For simplicity, ease of use and cleaning it can't be beaten. We love it!!

The Braumeister uses the malt pipe technology developed and patented in 2003. The mash is gently recirculated from bottom to top achieving optimum malt contact without constant stirring.

  • The new touchscreen control panel (mirrorless from any angle) is waterproof and is a milestone in function and quality way ahead of the competition. It’s a clear sign that Speidel are counting on further positive developments in the hobby-brewing sector.
  • Integrated Wifi is incorporated for connection to and for automatic updates.
  • The temperature sensor is now installed directly in the centre rod rather than on the bottom for more direct contact with the malt for an even more accurate temperature control.
  • The welded on double jacket is not only for wort chilling, it also can be used to control temperature for fermentation.
  • Bluetooth is also incorporated in the controller so a Tilt Hydrometer can be read on the Braumeister controller, even if it is in a tank next to the Braumeister.

The Braumeister is proud to be super service friendly. Components such as controller, pump or sensors can be easily replaced by means of electrical plug connections. This allows you to carry out minor repairs yourself.

Beer to suit your taste

Whether you prefer wheat beer, Maerzen or Altbier: all kinds of beers can be brewed with the Braumeister. You will certainly taste the difference in quality between your own beer and indistinguishable, mass-produced beers. But be careful: Anyone who has ever got the taste, will care no more for commercial brews that all taste the same. After this you won't want to do without natural brewing without pasteurizing, good ingredients and leaving out chemical additives

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