Electric Urn BIAB Mashing System - Brew in a bag

$ 199.00
An easy and economical way to get into all grain brewing.

This system includes: 1 x 35 L electric Urn
1 x Brew in a bag bag
1 x Glass thermometer
1 x Plastic mash paddle
1 x 20L Pail - to contain the bag of grain after the mash
1 x 17L Cube for the "no chill" method
1 x Metre of silicon tubing
1 x Hose clamp for securing the hose to the urn tap

This has all the gear you need to start all grain brewing. If you have the gear to ferment the beer then you are all set up.

If you need to get fermenting gear also, check out our starter breweries here

The ingredients can be as simple as one of our grain kits here

Some basic instructions:

Brew In A Bag or BIAB allows you to brew beer from scratch with a minimal amount of space and equipment. What follows will be a basic outline of the process based on our starter kits. For a more detailed description of the brewing process, come along to one of our free all grain brewing demonstrations run every Saturday Morning from 9am.
To start, you should calculate the quantity of water needed for your beer. To do this, start with the volume you wish to end with. Add 1L for every kg of grain, 3-5L to account for boiloff (you will get to know how much to add over time) and 1-2L for gunk at the end of the boil. So, if you are wanting to make 17L of beer with 5kg of grain, start with 17L, add 5 for grain absorption, 3 for evaporation and 1 for Gunk. You will need roughly 26L in your urn to hit your target. This is a loose guide, and you will eventually get to know your system and be able to calculate accurately how much water you will need.
Ideally your mash should sit around 67 degrees C. If you heat your water to 69, change the setting on your urn down to 67, then add your grain (stirring well to break up any clumps) your mash should settle just to the right temperature. Leave to sit for 1 hour, stirring occasionally. It should hold its temperature pretty well, but check periodically and apply heat as needed, remembering to stir whilst heating to ensure even temperature.
After an hour, remove the grains and bring your wort to the boil. A bucket is a good place to put your grain once removed. You can squeeze as much juice from the bag as you like to add back in the pot. It is all extra sugar and liquid. Once boiling, allow an hour adding hops as per the recipe.
Once you have boiled for one hour, run from your tap, through your hose, into your no chill cube. And you’re done! Allow the cube to cool, then pour into your fermenter with your chosen yeast to ferment. There are a number of options instore for fast chilling as well, but this is the simplest method to get you from grain to glass!

Check the front page of our site to see when the next Saturday morning BIAB version of our weely brewing demo is on.
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