Brewjacket with 4 legged fermenter jacket

$ 630.00

Commercial Grade Temperature Control
BrewJacket Immersion Pro is the best all in one fermentation control system available for 3-8 gallon (10L -30L) vessels. It can heat or cool your fermenting beer, wine, or mead by 35°F (20°C) above or below your ambient temperature, and maintain the set temperature to 0.3° F, a level of control only found in commercial breweries, wineries, and meaderies..

Just Set The Temp
It's that easy. Immersion will meticulously maintain whatever temperature you set, whether it's an ale fermenting at 64º F or a lager at 48º F. No refrigerator required.

BrewJacket Immersion can bring your homebrew lagers as low as 35º F (20º C) below the ambient temperature of your house, allowing you to create craft lager beers without a refrigerator. Just set the temp and Immersion cools your lager until it is achieved, then actively maintains the set temperature.
Lagers require fermentation temperatures around 50º F (10º C) for a period of 3 weeks or more. Before Immersion, this simply wasn’t possible to achieve without a dedicated second refrigerator or access to a bavarian cave.

Immersion Pro adds the ability to heat as well as cool providing the perfect environment for any yeast in just about any ambient setting. Is your house at 62º F and your ale yeast needs to be at 69ºF to perfect the IPA you just brewed? Are you aiming for an ester-rich Belgian ale that needs to ferment at 78º F? Just set the temperature you’d like to ferment at and sit back. Your perfect ale will be ready in no time.

What You Get
The Immersion Pro control board, the heat exchange base, power supply and the rod. If you look at the picture, all of that is the cube part that is over the fermenters and also the rod that goes down into the liquid. Also included is the thick black jacket to go over your fermenter.
The jacket in this product will go over 4 legged cylindro conical fermenters as in the product image. You can check here for further info about compatible fermenters.

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