If you're stuck for ideas on what to brew, looking for a recipe featured in one of our demos or hoping to leverage our experience, take a look here to see how we can help. It's always going to be unfinished work, but sharing is caring...

Fresh Wort Kit Recipes

We make our Fresh Wort Kits on a 500 litre Speidel Braumeister and sell them ready to ferment in an 'easy-to-carry' 16.5 litre HDPE cube. Here are our not-so-secret recipes scaled to just the right size. 


Saturday Brewing Demo Recipes (Coming Soon)

Our popular Saturday demos almost always result in a batch of beer. Here, we've collected some of the more memorable recipes. Please note that they are presented here as they are given to us, so they might require a bit more work.


Our Youtube channel contains our Instructionals, Event WrapUps and Stuff We Wanna Share. No Cat Videos.

Helpful Links, Handy Hints and Useful Brewing Stuff

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