Sale Postponement

Unfortunately we have had to postpone our Christmas Sale as of midnight Sunday 28th due to two COVID infections and the resultant staff shortage.

Update 29/11 – All staff apart from the part Time Employee mentioned below have now tested negative to a PCA test. Things are looking up!

Prices on all orders received before then will be honoured. We hope to resume the sale in about a week but will advise. 

The shop will remain open for normal trade in the meantime and mail order will continue.

The cases are as follows:

1. The primary school aged child of a full-time employee.

This employee let us know of the possible infection of his child when he heard about it from his Child’s school at 8am last Friday morning. He went home immediately. He and his spouse have since tested negative to PCA in addition to Rapid Antigen tests. The child tested positive. 

All staff immediately took a Rapid Antigen test on Friday morning. All were negative apart from a Part Time Employee.

2. The Part Time employee left work and had a PCA test on Friday morning. The result came through as positive at 6pm on Saturday.

Both employees are quarantining.

All staff had a Rapid Antigen test immediately on Saturday evening and tested negative. Within 18 hours all staff had a PCA test and we are awaiting results.

While we wait those results, only staff who have had no contact with the part time worker, or who have tested negative to the PCA test will attend Grain and Grape as advised by DHHS. 

We will continue to have Rapid Antigen tests on a daily basis as advised.

DHHS have advised that they have our QR Code records and will contact people who checked in if required.

All staff have been double vaccinated.