Start All Grain Brewing


While we happily cater to brewers using all techniques, All Grain Brewing is our specialty. Brewing like the big guys do is what many home brewers aspire to and we love helping people to do it. See below for simple ways to get started and a video on brewing in a bag.



Brew in a Bag is a fun, simple, time saving and inexpensive way of getting into All Grain Brewing. It’s an Australian developed style which we have championed for many years and is used by thousands of brewers every weekend.

We’ve developed an inexpensive starter kit to get you brewing in the Brew in a Bag All Grain way as soon as you get home from the shop or open the box.





Grain and Grape All Grain Kits are the simplest way to get started with your shiny new Kit. Just open the box and get brewing.





We’re proud distributors of German made Speidel Braumeister products including the original and the best automated brewing system on the market. From the tiny ten litre to full Pro size 1000 litre units, they are the ultimate in German Brewing Engineering.