System Wars 2016 Full Results

Saturday 25th July saw the shop full of people sampling the System Wars brewer creations and witnessing our team of judges cast a critical palate over them all.
This year's task was made difficult for the judges as well as the brewers by the cruel nature of the challenge.
Six professional brewers were presented with a fixed grain bill and a selection of compact brewing systems, some of which they had not seen before. The Wheel of Beer decided which system they each would brew with, along with which prepared hop pack. The skill of the brewers and a great deal of luck determined the quality of the outcomes.
As is so often the case, the opinion of the masses was reinforced by considered assessment and a clear preference presented. Sam Slaney (New World Whisky Distillery) with his Huell Melon and Mandarina Bavaria ale, narrowly beat Ian (Mountain Goat) Morgan's Centennial/Galaxy hop monster in the formal judging. The People's Choice award was split between Sam and Jayne Lewis (Two Birds Brewing), whose Brooklyn and Motueka ale demonstrated her talent as a brewer.
At the end of the day, though, Home Brewing was the clear winner. Thanks go to:
Jayne Lewis for generously providing her brewery Two Birds for the event;
Dan Walker, Andy Davidson and Brendan O' Sullivan for sitting on our judging panel;
Robyn Selwood for his stewardship of the event;
Matt Collinson for expertly fermenting and packaging the beers for presentation;
And everyone who helped make the event a success.
Roll on Good Beer Week 2017!