System Wars 2017 Results

We're not sure if it was the One Day Sale, the last minute rush to lodge entries for the Westgate Brewers' Stout Extravaganza or the official SystemWars Beer Tasting, but this Saturday the shop was chocka-block full of people.
Through the stewardship of Claire Sheppard, our panel of judges (Katie Jessup, Holly Brick and Annabel Meagher) sipped their way through the six competition strength beers while a veritable hoard of G&G customers came to their own conclusions.
A little after midday and during a slight lull in the shopping, Clare announced to the crowd the technical top three.
1.    Ruth Barry too pride of place using and urn and BIAB. Her brew comprising: Gladfield American Ale, Mosaic Hops, Coriander, US-05 and IBS tablets. 114/150
2.    Helen Hewson's Joe White Ale on Robobrew, Riwaka Hops and US-05 Yeast scored 97.5/150
3.    Team 2Birds - Anita and Jayne with gas fired BIAB - came a close third, scoring 94/150. Their Golden Promise and Fuggles was fermented with Danstar Nottingham
Overnight, our team of statisticians and actuaries collated the People's Choice. The result was clear. Securing 39% of the vote, Ruth with urn and BIAB took a narrow win over Helen on Robobrew, with 34% and Alana Rees with 15% using Robobrew with pump. This is an outstanding result for home brewers, particularly given that Alana was brewing at home for years before joining Mountain Goat.
Congratulations to the brewers. Thanks to the judging panel. Biggups to everyone else who helped make the day the amazing success it was.
With the dust settled, Home Brewing was the clear winner.