System Wars 2021

System Wars: Carnival Of The Brew

Melbourne's biggest homebrew party is back. A stack of homebrewing systems, a group of great craft brewers, Hendo, the Tinny Bar, the food truck. It’s all back! 

Join us for a day of all-grain brewing adventure and information as more than a dozen professional brewers share their experience, enthusiasm and insights while brewing on a range of home-brew scale systems. Held at Grain and Grape in Yarraville and hosted by luminary brewer and brewing consultant Steve Hendo Henderson, this event is for anyone interested in craft beer made from raw ingredients.

Meet and chat with brewers from Bojack, CoConspirators, Frexi Brewing, Hop Nation, Moon Dog, Nice Guys, Red Hill, Stomping Ground, Two Birds and Grain and Grape.

Learn about single-vessel brewing systems ranging from the simplest BIAB, through electric all-in-one rigs from Keg King, Kegland and Grainfather to the amazing Speidel Braumeister automated brewing system. Don't miss Stomping Ground's Morebeer 3-vessel brewery or Geoff Hammond's home-built Recirculating Infusion Mash System.

Grant from Nice Guys and Steve from Grain and Grape will be making a production run of our famous Fresh Wort Kits on our 500 litre Braumeister.

Learn from our Side Show Brew Briefings. Industry and home brew experts will be presenting short talks throughout the day on topics including dry-hopping, boil chemistry and more!

We are offering a money-back guarantee on all ticketing in the event of a COVID-related cancellation. If the event cannot proceed due to a government lockdown or other restrictions, we will refund you 100% of the ticket price.

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14 April 2021 Brewer Announcement: Dale from Bojak Brewing Confirmed!

Owner and Brewer of Bojak Brewing, Dale got into brewing after getting a home brew kit for his birthday before opening a Brewery in Dandenong in Nov 2018 with his wife Sue. As a brewer, he is more traditional and true to beer styles with a ‘back to basics’ philosophy with a twist. He loves the idea of producing beer for everyone to enjoy. Whilst he has a soft spot for American Pale Ales, he likes the challenge that hop forward beers create with the hop combinations, dry hop rates and playing with the timings in order to create something different.

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13 April 2021 System Wars: Carnival Of The Brew. Food and Drink

It wouldn't be a Carnival Of The Brew without the Tinny Bar or the Food Truck. This year, the guys from Team Cuisine will be cooking up a couple of big Spanish Paellas on site: Chicken and chorizo for the meat-eaters and veg-only for those on a vegetable-based diet. Churros and choc sauce for a snack. With a focus on fresh and loads of yummy saffron, you won't need directions to the food. Located deep within the event space, the Tinny Bar will serve delicious, cold tins of beer from each of our participating commercial brewers (one can is included in the ticket price along with a free branded tasting glass).

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12 April 2021 Announcing the System Wars Money-Back Guarantee

We're forging ahead with preparations for this year's event (and getting a bit excited).

The COVID-Safest Carnival Of The Brew Ever!

There won't be armed guards enforcing, but we will be designing the event layout so that it is easy to keep your distance and ensuring there is plenty of hand sanitizer on hand. For your hands...

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We are offering a money-back guarantee on all ticketing in the event of a COVID-related cancellation. If the event cannot proceed due to a government lockdown or other restrictions, we will refund you 100% of the ticket price.


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6 April 2021 Brewer Announcement: Duncan from Hop Nation Confirmed

Situated just minutes from Grain & Grape, Hop Nation is a fiercely independent craft brewery focusing on (you guessed it) hop focussed beers, showcasing high-quality ingredients with distinct origins. Since 2016, Owner and Head Brewer Duncan Gibson has been pleasing hop heads and beer lovers all over with his creations. Recently, he has returned to his wine-making roots via Site Wine and a winery on the Mornington Peninsula, but Duncan will be brewing at this year's System Wars.


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1 April 2021 Brewer Announcement: Geoff from Grain & Grape Brewing

Geoff Hammond presented his first BIAB demo at Grain & Grape with Dan Walker in 2007 and still hasn't got it right. He's been part of every Good Beer Week System Wars and the very first one in 2010 (ANHC). He is probably best known for his imprecise pedantry, his DIY attitude to most things and his love of beer and brewing.

Geoff will be brewing on a Recirculating Infusion Mash System (RIMS), designed and built in his own shed, happily exploding some of the myths and sharing some of his theories around one of home-brewing's most contentious mash systems.

System Wars: Carnival Of The Brew is happening at Grain & Grape on 15 May, 2021 starting at 1:00pm. Tickets cost $33 and give you entry and access to all presentations, a G&G tasting glass plus a beer from the Tinny Bar.

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