Weekly Demonstrations

All our Saturday brewing presentations are relaxed, welcoming and free of charge. They start at 9:00am and finish sometime between midday and 1:00pm.

18th August Dan and Geoff Brew Black and Tan - Geoff has another go at it.

In the world's first time-staggered, BIAB-only Collaborative All-Grain Brewing Demo, Dan and Geoff will be brewing (probably) a dry Irish stout and (maybe) an English Pale Ale on their respective BIAB systems for presentation to the Grain & Grape Collective at a subsequent date. For reasons of family emergency, Geoff was unable to get his tan on last time, so will be having another go this Saturday.

In this session, Geoff will be harnessing the awesome, brutish power of a gas-fired BIAB system to quickly and efficiently produce an indoor Tan.

Turn up at 9:00 am. Leave before 1:00 pm. NB: Swimwear is forbidden in the brewing area.

25th August Dan Does Dunkel in a Bag

When asked what he might brew for his August demo, Dan claimed to be feeling winterish and was therefore duty-bound to brew a Munich Dunkel. That can only mean one thing: There's more dark beer a'brewing.

Anyone familiar with the style will know that a well-brewed Munich Dunkel is a dark, roasty, toasty and deftly complex delight. Brewing them is fun too. Add an electric Brew In A Bag rig plus a selection of beers on tap and you have a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

1st September Ben’s Style School: Wee Heavy

When the topic of malt based beverages from Scotland comes up, most peoples’ first thought is understandably whisky. What is perhaps lesser known is Scotland’s extremely long history with beer. Brewing vessels have been found in Scotland dating back as far as 6000 years, and when you consider that whisky is essentially just concentrated beer, it is little surprise that the ancient Scots were handy with a mash paddle.

Channelling his own Highland ancestry, Ben will be attempting to get at the heart of what makes a “Wee Heavy”. Things like technical considerations, malt/hop selection and yeast and fermentation will all be discussed. As always, this will be in the context of a demonstration of the essential basics of making beer from grain, so if you are new to the hobby, you will hopefully leave with a good understanding of what is involved in turning malted barley into beer.

8th September Boza: The Old and The New

A fermented cereal drink popular throughout the Caucasus, Boza is thick, acidic and only slightly alcoholic. Sometimes made with wheat, corn or (happily) barley, boza is milky-white to off-white in colour and the focus of this Saturday's demo where Brendan will be brewing his own take on the ancient beverage.

Brendan begins brewing boza at 9:00am. No fee. No bookings. Lots fun.

15th September: MPA

Brewing loads of Vienna IPA is a fine way to spend a lazy Sunday or three. Drinking it is a great way to get more hops into you and fun too. But what if you have to go to work tomorrow?

Geoff has the answer: Munich Pale Ale. As easy to brew as Vienna IPA, packed with M-class hops and equally fun to drink, MPA is a lower-ish alcohol session beer based on a collection of grains, hops and brewing salts that all start with the letter M.

No, this isn't Sesame Street, but Geoff will probably look like a bit of a muppet as he makes his first publicly-accessible batch on his gas-fired BIAB thingy and the Australian No-Chill system.