Weekly Demonstrations

All our Saturday brewing presentations are relaxed, welcoming and free of charge. They start at 9:00am and finish sometime between midday and 1:00pm.


9th December - Cola Beer is Back!

In this demo, Brendan will be revisiting a beer he brewed for the 2014 Australian National Homebrew Conference loosely inspired by everyone's favourite source of sugar, Coca Cola.

His Berliner Weisse flavoured with peaches, oak and phosphoric acid  "Peach Taste, Uplifting Refreshment" went on to inspire the derivative, but still very drinkable Mash Brewing "Cola Nick" spiced Berliner Weisse.

He will be using a distinct blend of fruits, herbs and spices to produce a beer that approaches the experience of cola but won't rot your teeth.

Further, he will be doing it all in the opulently-appointed Grain and Grape Demo Area, free of charge from 9:00am onwards.

16th Decmber - The Great Beer Experiment: Chlorides and Sulphates

Water chemistry is one of the many elements of brewing. Water makes up a significant portion of what goes into our beer and the various dissolved chemicals can have a significant impact on your brew.

Chloride ions enhance the perception of maltiness and sulphate ions enhance the perception of bitterness in the finished product. Anyone who has been to a G&G brewing demo knows this. But what does it actually mean?

If you want to read about the science of these two anions, we suggest you search Martin Brungard and A.J. De Lange who make a living out of brewing water chemistry. John Palmer and Kai Troester also have a bit to say on their brewing sites. You could download a brewing water calculator and sift through the included notes.

If you just want to taste the difference for yourself this Great Beer Experiment is for you. Geoff will be brewing a double sized batch of Pale Ale and adding a quantity of Calcium Chloride to one half of it and a similar quantity of Calcium Sulphate to the other. These two beers will be fermented side by side and presented in store for you to taste sometime in 2018.

Brewing starts at 9:00am. Turn up. Tune in. Tap out before 1:00pm. It's that easy.

23rd & 30th December - No Demo.

The Demo Crew will be spending time with family and friends (or brewing) but we will have plenty of beers brewed at previous demonstrations on tap to taste!