Weekly Demonstrations

Hosted by experienced brewers with a diverse range of backgrounds, our Saturday brewing presentations are relaxed, welcoming and free of charge. They start at 9:00 am and finish sometime between midday and 1:00 pm.

14th December: Ben Gives The Low-Down On LoDo Brewing With The Speidel Braumeister

The Speidel Braumeister is one of the most impressively engineered and built home brewing systems on the market. However, it is said to have one weakness: brewing high ABV beers. While we have on a number of occasions debunked this through a series of experiments involving double mashing, using an inverted false bottom as the top filter and more, there is a new bit of Speidel kit which may also serve as a means by which to fit more grain into the unit.

Low dissolved oxygen brewing - or "LODO" - is taking off among German-style beer enthusiasts as a way of achieving a level of European malt character that is said to be impossible with conventional brewing techniques. To help their customers achieve this, Speidel have created a "LODO" kit to use with the Braumeister. An unintended extra feature of this is that it facilitates the fitting of far more grain in the malt pipe than with the conventional configuration.

Always looking for a way to come unstuck in front of a crowd of people, Ben has enthusiastically taken on the challenge of brewing a big wheat wine using this bit of kit. Wheat wine is a high ABV American ale, akin to a beefed-up American wheat beer. The combination of over 8kg of grain, of which 4 of those are wheat malt, should surely push the Braumeister to the outer limits of its capabilities.

Will Ben finally be able to defeat the machine?

Or will the Brauumeister maintain it's undefeated streak?

Come along from 9:00 am to find out


21st December: Cheap and Cheerful. Quick and Easy. Geoff Brews In A Bag In A BigW Pot

Geoff's first brew on his Ikea Portable Induction Hob showed much promise. So much so that in this session, he is going to attempt a Full-Sized batch of beer in a 19 litre Big W pot. With the help of a second pot and an electric kettle, he will attempt the time-honoured DunkSparge(tm) method of rinsing more sugary goodness out of the grain, showing how to brew over-gravity and water down into the cube.

Don't be fooled! This is about as simple as all-grain brewing can be. And cheap, too. And fun. And yummy.

As usual, Geoff will be showing his workings, answering questions and more than likely making a fool of himself.

If this sort of thing appeals to you, or you're searching for a novel activity for a first date, turn up at around 9:00 am and go away again when we tell you.

Romance comes in 40, 80 and 3x80 gram foil packs.

28th December: Oscar And Geoff's Czech Lager - Taste It Now.

The time between Christmas and New Year is not meant to be one of learning. It is meant to be one of celebration and spending time with friends. If Oscar, Geoff or Czech lager is your friend, then at least one of them will be in the shop for you to enjoy this Saturday. One of the lagers is better than the other, but which one?

Avoid disappointment. Be sure to check out when we are open (or not) over the Christmas-New Year period.

4th January: Ben Brews

11th January: Kris Domagala Brews