Weekly Demonstrations

All our Saturday brewing presentations are relaxed, welcoming and free of charge. They start at 9:00am and finish sometime between midday and 1:00pm.


21st October - Ben Brews a Cream Ale on a RoboBrew

As we move through our individual journeys of beer discovery, we find ever more complex and dynamic flavours and styles that we never could have imagined in the early days of our beer drinking. 
Unfortunately the deeper into these realms we venture, the more we alienate certain people in our life who can't understand why we don't just drink a "normal beer".
About 20 years ago, the american craft brew scene developed a style known as 'Cream ale' to help appease the long suffering friends of beer lovers who didn't have the lupulin tolerance of their hop loving friends. The idea caught on and now cream ale is a staple style for both home and craft brewers alike!
On Saturday, Ben will be showing you how to brew this simple beer to impress your "normal beer" drinking mates and instantly quench your thirst on hot days, whilst also going through the basics of brewing on a Keg King RobBrew and the brewing process as a whole.
This is a free demonstration at the shop, no bookings are necessary, just arrive sometime after 9.

28th October - Dan Insists that Size is Not Important

It is well understood around here that Dan has always envied Geoff the size of his Pot. Many an all-grain brew session saw Dan mumbling about equipment size as Geoff would churn out double sized batches of his favourite swill.

Recently, Dan has come to terms with his lot and actually embraced the joys of a smaller pot. In this session, he will be brewing just over a slab of American IPA using a cheap 19 litre pot from BigW and a camping stove, proving that you do not have to spend a fortune to get into All-Grain Brewing.

All grain for $30 - there is no excuse.

This is a free presentation and there is no need to book. Brewing starts at 9:00am and finishes sometime before 1:00pm.

Bring questions. Take away answers.

4th November - Paul Pulls a Pint

English cask ale (or real ale as some would have it) stands apart from all other beer. It has its origins in a time when there were no swap 'n' go CO2 services and manufacturing technology was distinctly bespoke.

In this presentation, Paul Rigby will explore a style of beer that has never really gone away but is making a resurgence, covering:

  • The process of making "real ale" and it's connection to beer engines;
  • The two types of beer engines;
  • Equipment normally associated with real ale and beer engines;
  • The pros and cons of beer engines versus normal draft systems; and
  • Beer engines in Australian conditions.

All our Saturday brewing presentations are free to attend, do not require a booking and start at 9:00am, finishing before 1:00pm.

11th November - Christmas Beers: Brendan Brews Democratically-Elected Beer

With Christmas less than 12 weeks away, it is time to start thinking about what beers we are going to have in the fridge through the festive season. Will we try to brew the traditional northern hemisphere spiced up booze monsters? Or will we brew to the season and go with something light and refreshing for those hot afternoons watching the cricket? Brendan from 3 Ravens wants to know what you guys think is the perfect Australian christmas beer. Head on over to our facebook page to see what the Grain and Grape hive mind has come up with, vote on your favourite or suggest something new. Brendan will brew his interpretation of the winning beer idea at his November Demo for tasting in the shop in December.
18th November - Geoff Brews a VIPA on a KegKing RoboBrew and some Plastic Buckets
25th November - Dan Brews. In Store.