Weekly Demonstrations

All our Saturday brewing presentations are relaxed, welcoming and free of charge. They start at 9:00am and finish sometime between midday and 1:00pm.

17th February I've unpacked it, now what do I do with my new brewery?

Your very first all-grain brew can be a bit daunting, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, with just a few cheats, making good beer from grain is so easy that even Geoff can do it.

In this session, Geoff will be using a Keg King RoboBrew to make a batch of his favourite style of beer: HOPPY!!! and sharing tricks and tips that will help you get to know your new brewing system faster.

If you're new to all-grain brewing or nearly there and aren't sure where to begin or what system to buy, our all-grain brewing demos are a great place to start.

Brewing starts at 9:00am, finishes before 1:00pm  and costs you nothing to attend except your time.

24th February Dan's One Recipe To Rule Them All, Round Three: ESB

Dan has created the One Recipe To Rule Them All; a predictable and repeatable brew, that with zero to minimal change to the recipe or the brewing process, can be used to make everything from a Pale Lager to an IPA. With enough stability in the brewing process for you to learn the lessons, you need to learn; and enough variety in the finished product for you to stay excited and motivated while you develop your skills; ORTRTA will take you through your first 20 brews and beyond and make you a better brewer faster.

Dan's first ORTRTA was a simple pale ale, the second a European lager. In this session, he will be using (almost) the exact same recipe and process to make an Extra Special Bitter - the queen of English Beers - on his simple yet stylish electric BIAB system.  He’ll explain what each component of the recipe is there for and how you go about extracting dozens of different variations without really changing much of anything.

Brew starts at 9 am, and should run to about 12:30 pm. It is completely free of charge and no bookings are required.

3rd March Paul Takes A Position On Beer. Tomato Sauce making demonstration.

Are you tired of being presented with beers that look, smell and taste like pond water? Or beers that purport to be a Quad Russian Purple Sour IPA with watermelon pips and French jockstraps? What ever happened to standard beer that tastes like beer should: like beer?

Paul - being the purist of our merry band of brewers - will brew a standard, plain, but eminently palatable all malt and hops beer. The style of beer where the hops aren't in idiotic amounts (that are also likely to bankrupt you) and the malt is discernible and not completely obliterated by hops, watermelon pips and jockstraps. A beer that - dare he say - you could drink a lot of! He will brew a batch of this 'standard beer' on the German-Built, fully-automated Speidel Braumeister system.

At the same time he will demonstrate Tomato Sauce making with a motorized Sauce machine.

Brewing starts at 9:00am, finishes before 1:00pm. Hoppy beers will be on tap for tasting. Bring your own underwear.

NB: Grain and Grape supports responsible tuition of alcohol creation.