Weekly Demonstrations

Please join us a for a short while or long while on the day! 

23rd September - Dan Brews In A Bag

Dan has just returned from several weeks of 'Research' in the USA. He is full to the brim with hoppy IPA goodness and inspired to brew (in his words) "a nice Belgian String Golden Ale".
He's had enough of IPA for now, especially those nasty murky ones. Malty, Yellow, Fizzy and crystal clear for the win!!
He might try out a BIAB variation he's been thinking about for a while too.
All our brew demos are free of charge and this is no exception. Brewing will not start before 9:00am and will not finish after 1:00pm.

30th September - Geoff brews an English Brown Ale using Gas-Fired BIAB

There is one simple trick that the big brewing companies don't want you to know: How to make your own beer from basic ingredients.
It's easier than you think! BIAB is the simplest and cheapest way to get into all grain brewing.
Geoff will be adding crushed, malted barley to hot water in a stainless steel pot. You won't believe what happens next.
How much would you expect to pay for three hours of never before seen(TM) brewing action? Nothing - all our brewing demos are free.
But wait, there's more! We will have beers from previous brewing demonstrations on tap for sampling.
Avoid disappointment. Come along to our luxuriously appointed demonstration area any time after 9:00am and go away again when we tell you.

7th October - Paul has a Passion for Pilsner

Brewing good Pilsner tests a brewer's skill, but that doesn't mean that it has to be difficult. 
In this session, Paul will be brewing a batch of German (or maybe Czech) Pilsner on the fully automated Speidel Braumeister and another on a plastic-bucket mash tun gravity system.
Come and see for yourself how the two systems compare and get some tips and tricks from one of Melbourne's most accomplished home brewers.
This is a free presentation and there is no need to book. Turn up after 9:00am and go away again when we tell you to.

14th October - Ruth Barry

21st October - Ben Soulsby

28th October - Dan Walker