Weekly Demonstrations

All our Saturday brewing presentations are relaxed, welcoming and free of charge. They start at 9:00am and finish sometime between midday and 1:00pm.

13th October Boza: The Old and The New

A fermented cereal drink popular throughout the Caucasus, Boza is thick, acidic and only slightly alcoholic. Sometimes made with wheat, corn or (happily) barley, boza is milky-white to off-white in colour and the focus of this Saturday's demo where Brendan will be brewing his own take on the ancient beverage.

Brendan begins brewing boza at 9:00am. No fee. No bookings. Lots fun.

20th October Paul's Passion For Pilsner Persists

Brewing good Pilsner tests a brewer's skill, but that doesn't mean that it has to be difficult. 

In this session, Paul will be brewing a batch of Classic American Pilsner on a plastic-bucket mash tun gravity system. But wait! (...) He will also be brewing a British Mild Ale on the fully-automated and German-engineered Speidel Braumeister system. Come and see for yourself how the two systems compare and get some tips and tricks from one of Melbourne's most accomplished home brewers.

This is a free presentation and there is no need to book. Turn up after 9:00am and go away again when we tell you to.

27th October What! No Brewing Demo?

With ANHC happening from 25-27 October, there simply isn't enough G&G staff to attend the conference, staff the shop and run a brewing demo. But the shop will still be open as normal and there will be beers on tap from previous All-Grain brewing demos, our fresh wort kits and one or two Special Brews.