Weekly Demonstrations

Hosted by experienced brewers with a diverse range of backgrounds, our Saturday brewing presentations are relaxed, welcoming and free of charge. They start at 9:00 am and finish sometime between midday and 1:00 pm.

February is IPA Month at Grain and Grape

We're excited about the Merri Mashers IPA competition. So much so that we are making India Pale Ales the focus of each of our five Saturday brewing demonstrations in February.

1 February: Ben Brews a Kiwi IPA on an Electric Urn-Based BIAB System

The month of February at Grain and Grape is going to be a celebration of the style possibly most synonymous with "Craft Beer", the IPA.

In honour of this, and because he is constantly saying that he doesn't brew with enough Kiwi hops, Ben will be kicking things off with an all kiwi IPA using 4 different NZ hop varieties with some Australian malts.
Showing how simple brewing great beer from scratch can be, Ben will be using the most basic of setups, an Urn with a grain bag, to walk through the process and demonstrate the ease with which anybody can create their own hoppy masterpieces.

This will be the first of four IPA masterclasses and is completely free, just turn up on the day prepared to learn.

8 February: Rohan Lowe Brews His Award-Winning Belgian Specialty IPA on a 20litre Braumeister

Rohan will be brewing his Belgian Specialty IPA recipe that won the Deeds’ “Brewers Choice” prize at last year's IPA Competition.  The “Thin Man IPA” is inspired by Brut IPA, however, an expressive Belgian yeast is used to dry out the beer and the abv is kept in a more sessionable range.

A biochemist by trade, Rohan brews at home on a Speidel Braumeister and will be bringing the skill and artistry that brews an award-winning beer to this Saturday's demo.

For yet another take on how easy it is to brew your own beer at home from scratch, turn up around 9:00am and go away when we tell you to.

15 February: Helen Brews an English IPA on the Guten Microbrewery

It’s IPA month at Grain and Grape, and Helen will be brewing an English IPA on the Guten using quintessential English ingredients. Commercial examples of this style often fail to impress IPA hop heads looking for their next hop fix. An English IPA should be a hoppy beer with a bold aroma and flavour and a pleasing malt backbone, and that’s what will be brewing. Bring your curiosity and questions and join Helen for a short while or long while on the day! And, if that’s not enough, there’s also free beer samples from the Wall of Beer to be had.

Brewing starts at 9:00am and continues until it finishes, or when the shop closes.

22 February: Geoff Brews a VIPA on His Gas-Fired BIAB System

Simple, slightly unorthodox but ultimately pleasing, Geoff's Vienna IPA is designed to be an efficient hop-delivery mechanism that you can happily drink a couple of pints of.

Simple, effective and easy to understand, the Gas-Fired BIAB system was the first BIAB method and remains Geoff's favourite.

Simple and generally a burden to his friends, Geoff will be brewing That Beer on That System This Saturday.

29 February: Todd Wade Brews In A Bag, The Entire Wall of Beer Pours IPAs and The Merri Mashers BBQ

Todd has been brewing for about six years and is a Merri Masher. He takes a keen interest in the process and science of brewing. He brews a Red IPA that won a category first place in last year's Merri Mashers IPA comp and took third place at VicBrew. He'll be brewing it today.

The final of five IPA brew demos in a special, hoppy February, this is unmissable. Maybe for the brew. Maybe for the IPA-full Wall of Beer. Maybe because members of the Merri Mashers will be raising funds with a sausage sizzle BBQ out the front of the shop. Maybe for all of that.

9:00am to 1:00pm. Be there, or...

7 March: Ben Brews

14 March: Helen Brews

21 March: Geoff Brews

22 March (Sunday): at the Dan O'Connell Hotel in Carlton...

The Merri Mashers will crown Victoria's best homebrewed IPAs. English, American, Belgian, Black, White, Red, Rye, New England, and other specialty IPAs are all welcome. Entries close Saturday 14th March. See https://merrimashers.org/ipa-comp-2020 for details.

28 March ...