Weekly Demonstrations

Hosted by experienced brewers with a diverse range of backgrounds, our Saturday brewing presentations are relaxed, welcoming and free of charge. They start at 9:00 am and finish sometime between midday and 1:00 pm.

23rd November: Ben Kegs Beer

To many people, having beer on tap at home seems like a utopian fantasy. Like many utopian fantasies though, it is not only easy to achieve, but a natural step forward in your homebrewing career.

In a departure from usual programming, Ben will be looking at kegging your own beer. We will be exploring the different options in terms of taps, guns etc, looking at the appropriate cleaning regime, and going through the process of taking the finished beer and putting it into the clean keg to dispense.

Turn up and tap in around 9:00am. Bathe in the keggly joy and sample our own kegged beers via the Wall Of Beer. Last Drinks called at 1:00pm.

30th November: Geoff Brews A Very Small Batch Using A Portable Induction Hob

Big Batch Brewing is Bonza, but Small Batch Brewing works for people with limited space or who simply don't drink enough to warrant big batches. It's also great if you want to brew more often (and who doesn't?).

In this session, Geoff will be brewing a small batch of beer using an Ikea portable induction cooktop, a 19litre BigW pot and a BIAB Bag, plus a small no-chill cube and sundry other items stolen... that is... borrowed from the kitchen.

For considerably less than $100 you can brew All-Grain Beer from scratch, outdoors, and not fill the house with brewing smells: great for apartment living or if you find yourself on holiday in a park with powered campsites and nothing else to do.

This entirely free brewing session starts around 9:00am and should finish before 1:00pm. Turn up to learn the basics of All-Grain brewing, experience for yourself some of the myriad ways a grown man can embarrass himself and, as always, sample some tasty beverages from our Wall Of Beer.

7th December: Helen And Your First Brew / Breakfast Brown Ale

New to brewing? Want to know more about brewing, Brown Ale and how this underrated style can be a perfect breakfast beer? Join Helen for a free brewing demonstration from 9am to 1.00pm where she’ll step through the Grain and Grape Starter Set-ups, brew a Brown Ale using Brew in a Bag (BIAB) in the urn and basic brewing techniques. She’ll also be talking grain, yeast, fermentation, and Brown beer styles. Bring your curiosity and questions, and join Helen for a short while or long while on the day! Plus, if that’s not enough, there’s also free beer samples from the Wall of Beer to be had.

14th December: Ben Brews

21st December: Geoff Brews

28th December: Oscar And Geoff's Czech Lager - Taste It Now.