Weekly Demonstrations

Hosted by experienced brewers with a diverse range of backgrounds, our Saturday brewing presentations are relaxed, welcoming and free of charge. They start at 9:00am and finish sometime between midday and 1:00pm.

20th July: Geoff's Chocolate Two-Pots Imperial Stout.

The lure of the dirt-cheap BigW 19 litre stockpot is strong and if Geoff is known for anything, it is his complete inability to resist temptation. So, in this brewing session, he will be using two such pots and his two-burner LPG camping stove in a Never-Seen-Before-Attempt to brew a super-chocolatey Imperial Stout.

Geoff plans to:

  • BIAB a large stout grain bill in one of the little pots;
  • DunkSparge(tm) in the other little pot and dump the sweet liquor into the first pot;
  • Make up any extract shortfall in the boiling pot with LDME;
  • Break a large quantity of Lindt Chocolate into the No-Chill Cube; and
  • Hot-Pack the wort into the cube, melting the chocolate and retaining all that chokky goodness in the cube.

It's all a bit of an experiment, so Geoff will be explaining what he is doing as he is doing it, fessing up to his mistakes and showing his workings. So if you have been wondering how you might make a Proper Sized Batch of Beer with these little pots, or if you just like watching grown men make fools of themselves...

Turn up at 9:00am, witness the brewing, inspect the Wall Of Beer and go away again when we tell you to.

27 July: 3 Ravens Guided Specialty Tasting

In this special presentation, 3 Ravens' Head Brewer, Brendan O Sullivan will be breaking with Grain and Grape tradition and hosting two tutored tastings of four special 3 Ravens brews from their Specialty Range. Known for his creative approach to flavour-matching and brewing, Brendan will guide us through the process of crafting these beers as well as What Was He Thinking when concocting the recipe for each of them.

Brendan will present:

Thanks to 3 Ravens, Grain and Grape will be offering All-Grain recipe kits for each of these beers that you can buy, take home and brew yourself.
Plus - if that isn't enough to tempt you -  we will be releasing into the wild a Grain and Grape Fresh Wort Kit version of 3 Raven's Salted Caramel Milkshake IPA.

Two one-hour tutored tasting sessions with the brewer of four 3 Ravens beers. Five home brewing takeaways. One Saturday only.

Where: The Grain and Grape brewing demonstration area.
When: Saturday, 27 July 2019. Two Sessions. 10:00 - 11:00 am, plus 11:30 - 12:30 pm.
How much: Free. Just turn up. Try to be on time.

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