Weekly Demonstrations

Hosted by experienced brewers with a diverse range of backgrounds, our Saturday brewing presentations are relaxed, welcoming and free of charge. They start at 9:00am and finish sometime between midday and 1:00pm.

21st September: Geoff Kegs Beer.

Having beer on tap at home could be the most romantic thing a homebrewer can do. Not only can kegging improve the consistency and quality of your brews, kegging is way cool and easier than you might think.

In this free session, Grain and Grape's eighteenth coolest employee will be:

  • Taking a keg apart and talking about each of the bits. Putting it back together again.
  • Cleaning, rinsing, sanitising. Why it is important.
  • Completely removing all the air from a keg prior to filling with Beer. Explaining Why.
  • Plumbing the keg into a fermenter tap, keg-fitting, or a syphon, including how to start one the One True Way.
  • Transferring a fermenter of liquid into a keg, including a demonstration of The Hammond Tilt method of not overfilling it.
  • Demystifying Closed Transfers.
  • Filtering. Not filtering. Why. Why Not.
  • Pluto gun serve.
  • PET Bottling from a keg for short-term purposes (going next door for a beer).
  • A quick and easy way to keep your beer lines and taps clean. Several ways that are not.
  • Sharing tips, tricks and some cute little home-made devices that can help make a kegger's life easier.

And if that isn't enough to interest you, beer will be falling out of professionally-maintained beer taps mounted on our almost famous Wall of Beer.

The fun starts around 9:00 am and never stops... until the shop closes.

28th September Dan Ben Geoff Brews In A Bag

As part of the launch of our new website, we are pleased to announce the (imminent) release of a whole bunch of All Grain recipes behind our range of fabulous, famous and fermentable Fresh Wort Kits. In this demo, Geoff will be brewing one of them on his gas-fired BIAB system and showing off his new portable skyhook.

All this is planned to happen in front of a live studio brewery audience in our craftily-appointed brewing area. We predict standing room only, so arrive on time to get the full experience.

Turn up at around 9:00am and go away again when we tell you to. We will be there all morning. Try the beer.